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Is cable TV getting too expensive to make it worth it anymore (also dish)...back to the rabbit ears?


Yes cable and satellite TV are expensive but the cable companies are charging what the market will bear. If you don't want to get a digital converter box for your TV then cable and satellite will still put out an analog signal to your regular TV set. Otherwise you will get no picture at all next year in February 2009 when they shut down all analog broadcasts. The good part is that if you get a new converter box for digital TV signals, you will get a lot more channels on standard broadcast as well as a free program guide.


my cable isn't to bad i got a deal from comcast where i get internet, cable and phone service for $99 a month. what i think is a rip off is premium channels you pay about $10 a mo. for each one and they show movies that are 30 years old. it sucks when you have 100 channels and nothing to watch


not for me darlin'


Definitely. Most of the time the channels have nothing I want to view, but I take the channels as part of a larger subscription (like HBO, SHOWTIME, ...) and then it is rare that I view anything from that subscription. A better model would allow one to subscribe by a block of time (for example: I want HBO for only a week). And better yet, if when one programs TIVO to record a show, then TIVO, knowing all your requests, would subscribe the required blocks of time.

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