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What if we threw out a the illegal immigrants?

What do you thin would happen to the American economy? What is you opinion on this article from MSN Money?​WeThrewOutAllTheIllegalImmigrants.aspx

Whether we throw them out or penalize employers for hiring them, we increase the costs of many types of business. Employers pay higher wages, have more compliance issues to get legal labor, and pass costs on to customers. We are just driving inflation.
In my line of work, prices go up with every major threat of deportation or audit of hiring practice. Personally, I like people who want to work and become good Americans, though I don't think sneaking in is the best way to start. I never hire illegal immigrants just cuz I am audited annually and one mistake could destroy my business. But I think we're in for some more serious inflation, however we choose to deal with illegal immigrants and those that hire them.

Cherish wisdom:

Good answer. Thanks for the employer's perspective.


great answer


I believe when a company hires someone it is because the company needs that person to increase the bottom line of the company. Sure the company will have to pay a wage for the ability to increase his bottom line but in no way does a company hire someone to take on a loss... So it is not fair to say that hiring someone at a higher wage hurts the company because it just doesn't, and now that employee will go spend some of the money he has earned boosting the economy.... Its very simple.. no need to complicate it it is simple economics,,, not that trickle down stuff that doesn't work...


Actryss, agreed, companies don't absorb losses on purpose. They raise prices as needed to cover expenses. and pass on increases to the consumer. Companies are rarely hurt by labor issues, people may be.


We would be better off for sure. Illegal immigrants commit a lot of crimes. They are given welfare and schooling at our expense. They don't own property or pay taxes to us, so they don't contribute anything to the community. If we didn't have these illegal's, these big agricultural growers will be forced to pay a decent wage to harvest the crops. Don't buy into the " feel sorry for me, I'm a farmer ' nonsense. Any employer who wants work done should pay a decent wage. Kick out all these illegal's and we won't have so many problems. It will create jobs for our citizens who want to work.


Who would do most of the restaurant, construction, landscape, warehouse, and factory work? What would the rich folks do without their cheap and sometimes slave labor? They are doing what the Irish and Italians did a 150 years back---supplying cheap labor...

Cherish wisdom:

Good to hear from you as always M.


Thanks, RH Guy.... (:


m, exactly, what would the Rich folks do without their cheap and slave labor... Well they would have to share the wealth and hire an American at a decent wage to cut his lawn or he could cut it himself which is unlikely.. Share the wealth that's what I say... HIRE AMERICAN

Samuel Deva:

it's a task that would never be able to be completed... but why ??? the immigrants built this nation, on land that they immigrated to... the rich literally stole it from it's rightful owners, the native americans... the present day illegal immigrants are the next driving force for a new national economy...

John P:

I don't give a flip. Illegal immigrants take away from the American people. Round them all up and throw them out of America. It will save millions and millions of dollars in free aid and money and give more to Americans. It will give more funds to educate our own people. So the illegal employment will suffer, so what. They had no business employing illegals in the first place. I am sick of immigrants coming here and trying to change America. Sending illegals back to their own countries will open up more jobs for Americans and the greedy asses that employed illegals will be forced to pay decent wages to Americans and not cheat the government out of their funds. Our country would be so much better off than letting these greedy illegals stay. Our country would have so much more ..


Great answer and I agree with you... HIRE AMERICAN and Boost the Economy... Stop wasting money on Give-aways to Illegal immigrants...


I read the Article and responded to it, I believe it is cynical.. imagine suggesting that without illegal immigrants lettuce and strawberries would rot in the fields.. What a joke...When fruits and vegetables began to rot the wage to get them picked and off to market would increase. American wages would increase, and Americans would begin spending and the economy would improve... I'm and tired of people suggesting that Americans will not do certain jobs..
Americans will do any job at a decent pay, Americans can pick vegetables and make beds in hotel rooms and I myself would wash dishes at my current salary..
Employers need to face high fines for Hiring illegal immigrants, they would soon learn that it is more economical to pay Americans decent wages than on fines..
Any one who even suggests that paying decent wages will hurt companies is ridiculous, and you can ask any CEO if their wage is hurting their company and you will hear the quickest NO in your life.. and if they say Yes they can easily take a pay cut to hire more Americans for more production to boost the companies bottom line...
Just a thought....


you would have no one to build your fireplace, mow your yard, cook Chinese food, or steal your car, I say throw the bastards out!

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