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Samuel Deva

Good morning --- are you all ready for the drop in prices at the pump ???

crude is dropping and will continue to do so... look for more to "woo" the voters in November....

Hi there Are you Barack Obama in disguise?? Unfortunately I do not see prices falling even if the price per barrel falls. We are in a big mess ...

Samuel Deva:

no, I'm not senator obama... given, the congress and the executive office have balled things up, but not beyond repair... with the auto industry in the trenches, the pressure will be applied and fuel prices will drop by summer's end, count on it.... the elections will play heavily into this...


THanks for the optimism trumanyears. I hope you are right.


I don't believe we will see it at the pump. If we do it will only be a couple of cents. The government knows we need it, and we are paying these prices for it, so they are not about to lower it to much. It will just be another un-kept campaign promise.

Samuel Deva:

this campaign will generate changes in the entire fuel refining and distribution process --- count on that and lower prices....


I hope your right but I am not about to hold my breath. I have never seen prices go down on anything that made any significant difference to our pockets. Why should they come down if we just keep buying everything. Gas has changed food prices, and other items and we keep purchasing all these items mainly because we have no choice. They are wealthy up there at the capital and they can afford it, they could care less about us working people.


As long as Iran, Israel, and the U.S. keep rattling swords you will not see much of a drop in oil. The price of oil historically drops after the 4th. Sometimes for a couple of days; sometime a month or more.

Oil is a major source of income for Iran. Did you notice how soon after the 4th they test fired their new rocket? Boosted the price right back up this morning.

The way to keep the price of oil up is simple. Keep messing with Iran.

Samuel Deva:

the odd thing is that a major portion of our oil comes from our neighbors to the north, Canada... the Isrealis are going to tackle the Iran mess and make them pay, so the conflict will stay over there, but we will commit more troops.... Iran has been controlled by the commies for a hundred or so years and, with sanctions against Iran, they'll get hungry and be willing to "play ball"... everyone on the globe is watching the elections and those at the top want a new president who will "come to the table, with gifts for them"...


The price of oil is a global dynamic. It matters not where we get the oil. The mid east is a major supplier of oil to the world. When that source is threatened, the price goes up everywhere.


Good afternoon, trumanyears. Oil was riding along smoothly today, unitl this afternonn. Then Ms. Rice went public with more war mongering rhetoric.


hi there, wonder will it really happen, or is it just a ploy to get votes, if it does then it should happen this side ofthe pond as well :~}

Samuel Deva:

with Chrysler of by 48.5% in month to month sales, this is "the real deal"... gasoline will drop below $2.99 per gallon before the elections... the republicans and "go along democrats" will see to it...


Yes, crude is dropping, but I'll bet ya that petrol doesn't go down at the pump :)

Samuel Deva:

count on a significant drop at the pump, by summer's end... never believe what the futures speculators are saying...

Joshua Cromer:

I'll believe it when I see it; I know my Ford Explorer will be happy to be driven more...mmm camping

Samuel Deva:

"seeing is believing" --- good objective thinking...


If you think the oil companies are going to drop gas prices you are fooling yourself. The drop of oil prices is to drive demand back up, prices will continue to climb at the pump, suspending the gasoline tax will not lower gas prices either because the refineries will just increase profits and not pass the saving on either.

Samuel Deva:

the demand is there --- you seeing anyone, besides the Amish, who aren't using petrol ??? congress will have to get off their duffs and get some moxie, thus the fuel at the pumps will drop, significantly...

Blue Gypsy Rose:

we are ready, but it will not happen!

Samuel Deva:

don't bet your Aunt Tillie's ashcan that it won't happen --- do the research on the staggering economic decline in the manufacturing (auto) sector... this doesn't bode well... look for prices at the pump to nosedive by summer's end...

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