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Is the American economy as bad as it being reported.

What is your opinion of the state of the economy?


If you think this praiseworthy, you have another think coming! I think that I speak for all 13 of the individuals below when I thank you for wasting all of our time, you ungrateful, self-serving lout.

Don't expect thoughtful, well researched answers from any of those below until you begin doing your duty an voting on a Best Answer. Until then, I encourage EVERYONE to avoid answering this uncooperative, selfish person ... ever again, until he proves himself worthy of your answer.


Absolutely YES


Can you give specifics on what on how it is effecting you personally.


It's not affecting me personally, per se...... but I see people around me finding it hard to survive with gas being high in price plus food costs have increased 85% in a month.


I believe that the economy is POISED TO BECOME as bad as the sensationalists in the "news" media has been reporting.

Unemployment is flat. Wages are flat . The dollar is weak. And consumer goods have been rising in cost at a dizzying pace -- based primarily on increasing fuel costs. Fuel prices will have an adverse effect on MOST consumer goods, since most goods require transportation.

Furthermore, food prices are being driven higher by our absurd fascination of corn-based ethanol. This factor alone will double the cost of dairy products, poultry, meat, and any other foods sweetened with corn syrup (e.g., pop, candy, etc.) over the next year. This will also adversely impact the third world and manifest itself in the form of famines.

Congress needs to act responsibly for a change, and abandon their ill-fated ethanol schemes and to open up drilling, nukes, etc. and maybe provide some tax incentives for alternate energy sources. This is no time to worry about bullsnot Carbon Dioxide emissions and psychotic obsessions with obsessing over preserving the landscape.

Only time will tell how much stuff in which we may have stepped.


Yes, I believe that it is and will continue to get worse as time goes by and the price of fuel continues to rise. My utility companies have announced that by winter, they will have gradually increased by 20%, groceries have risen by about 15%+ in the last year (due to the price of transportation) , the list could go on and on. The only thing that has not risen is income.


Than I suppose you will vote Republican this year?


Still not set in concrete.


I met with a realator to sell my place. He called 4 hours later to say he had a potential buyer. Met the next morning. They made an offer. I accepted. Sold.


Well I guess you have a real reason to still believe in Santa! For many Santa's house was repossessed!


Yes its bad. I think alot of it has to do with the value of the dollar. Look at what its done to the price of gas. Now g8 summit accepts global warming. What a joke. Last year at this time I had 4 construction projects going a month. Now I have one project going every other month. I have pulled back and secured my company from bankruptcy, and will not invest into the economy until John McCain wins the election. If Obama gets into office, I will simply just get a good paying job and let Obama take care of me instead of giving all my profits to Obama to give to people who don't know how to take care of themselves. This economy is on very unstable grounds. A second stimulus check? Yeah Its bad.


Wow, you are one bitter business owner!


Democrats do that to me... :)


And why are taxes always on the backs of business? Taxing the lifeblood of this country to death makes no sense at all. It just means more jobs overseas and money fleeing to safe-havens in other countries.


Yes, People are Job scared.


It really depends were you live as to how bad the economy is. Where I live we have more jobs than people to fill them and the mfg plant I work at is work 10 & 12 hour day 7 days a week to keep up with demand. Yes, gas prices are hurting but if we would start building refineries and drilling that would drive prices down even before ready for us as it would take some of the concern related to the unrest in the middle east out of our equation.

Dollar brand:

Where do you live.


North East Texas in the Piney Woods. The same problem exist in the Midland Odessa area of Texas.

Live QnA Team:

This is all true single mom because I live in Texas close by you just more deep south and I know someone who is working in McCamy Texas(closes to Odessa) right now and it's a small town but boy do they have work for wielders, pipefitters, etc all kinds of work in those kinds of fields and yes TX has been affected not so bad as other parts of the country. I work in Real estate though and it has been slow people are not buying and lots of people want to sell but not much buying or even refi's in my area so our business has slowed down big time. We are used to getting 30 orders a month and it isn't even 1/2 or barely 1/2 of what we are used to.


It's in a holding pattern until after November. Then it could really tank.


The dollar is tanking.....Like Dr. Paul said it will. I try to listen to those that have the knowledge on this subject.
This statement came from a Q I asked yesterday. I read it again this morning and all i can think is- Wow...this is a guy the American people think isn't qualified to run this country?
We're screwed!!!!
We deserve what we elect!!!!
No wonder we are thought of as the 'tards of the world!

Dollar brand:

It's pretty bad, but not the worst. If Wal-mart goes out of business, then we might be in trouble.


NO...The economy is slowing down, and it is getting more expensive, however don't forget the US economy over the last 12 years (at least) has been booming at an alarming rate stock volume has set new records every year, unemployment has not gone over 6%, real-estate created thousands of millionaires.
Don't misunderstand sucks right now. But for someone my age this is the first real downturn I (and I suspect many of you) have experienced. If the US Dollar would gain more clout, oil would drop and other costs would fall. But in the end I think we have had it a bit too easy in many ways.


It's worse than REPORTED. There, did I help you?


Probably worse than is being reported.


Again I say it depends on were you live and the industry that you are in. A lot of it also depends on your own attitude and involvement in your own life.

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