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Should motorcyclists get a rebate for saving fuel?

Everyone knows motorcycles get twice the mileage as cars, shouldn't they be rewarded for their contribution to fuel efficiency?

They often give rebates on energy saving appliances, isn't that the same thing?

Literally Speaking ™:

We already get a rebate, everytime we fill up at the pump.



No. Neither should bicyclists. I ride my bike any chance i can. I already reap the rewards. Why should tax payers give me more money? That is silly.


No, because they use up 10 times the hospital funding when they are injured in crashes.


They are already rewarded by paying lower fuel costs, and getting free meals when bugs get in their teeth.

Literally Speaking ™:

You see that windshield on my bike? No bugs here.



No, I don't think so.


Had enough with motorcycle ownership raising perhaps more than 300% per year here due to the fuel cost (and the ability to break local traffic law to some extent). With that immense number, they clutter the street more than cars.
Fuel consumption and air pollution is an important issue, but traffic jam and comfort to other drivers should not be overlooked.

Literally Speaking ™:

I break NO laws when riding, if anything, I pay closer attention to them due to the idiots driving cages yacking on their cell phones and not paying attention, and I've had to avoid a LOT of them.






They already pay less for gas. If we quadrupled the gas tax more of us would ride.

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