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on the veiw today it was said that the gov, should cut homeowner loans in half, i agree what you say

if the gov, can help the banks how come the gov, can't help the homeowner and cut there home loans in half

That's only for the homeowers who are about to lose their homes...What about the rest of us who have been paying their mortgages on time, every month??? How's that fair. To reward people who bit off more than they could chew, defaulted & now want a hand out??? What about the honest, hard working people??? What, we just bail everyone out???


when i said homeowner i were referring to all homeowners because we all will be hurt by this we all pay taxes


We need to lobby our own congressmen and women and senators to not just hand over this money where is this money coming from china or are we just going to print it........................ what a friggin joke.... we really better not let this get pushed thru like the Patriot Act and the Iraq War was. Handing all this money over to the executive branch and one man is dangerous and I do not trust this administration !!!


it costs too much to lobby now a days. It would be cheaper just to pay your mortgage


How is reducing the GNP even further going to help the economy? Where did the View get their economics expertise?

Pretzel Logic:

I would love to see that happen but we are the little people and they will never help up. We only help them at our expense.


Well it's time for a change


We need to all let the banking institutions know that we refuse to agree to one more of these amortized home mortgage loans where we end up paying 3 times the amount of the price we paid for our home...for starters. The government is not the only villain here, the banks and mortgage companies are. too..because of the deregulation McCain loves so much. We, the public, can change this to a regular loan, that we can afford. But we would have to have a total public outcry.


because we do not give millions to get them re-elected


That would be great except for all of the jobs lost in the banking industry. It would not affect the executives but the poor working slobs whose jobs would become expendable. I agree something should be done about the home loan fiasco, but cutting bank revenues and by extension cutting jobs is not very sound. I would not take my financial advice from the "View".

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