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Is there currently a gasoline shortage where you live?

Today, Sep 22, I had to drive all over Asheville, NC to find a gas station with any gasoline ... and then had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to get to the pumps. The story is that there is little gasoline coming from the hurricane-damaged refineries in Texas. Yet ... there was no apparent s uch shortage all the way across Tennessee in route to here.Is there any such gasoline "shortage" in your area?

What part of TN.?, that's where I live and all we have is trash bags over the nozzles, paying 4.25 gal.. I have to drive all over just to find gas. (west)
So to answer your question yes we are have some kind of problem.


Hi tara ... I drove via I40 from Memphis area ... thru Nashville, Knoxville, and on to Asheville, NC. I stopped several times along the way ... didn't see a single station without gas until Asheville.

I grew up near Jackson.


Yep you drove thru the state alright. Maybe I should go closer to the interstate instead of the road I'm driving. I do live in a small town and that could be some of my problem to.

Thanks you may of helped me out.


You are welcome, tara ...

What part of TN do you live? West TN?


I saw a headline on Drudge that there were shortages in the South. I filled up today (Lakeland, FL.) with no problem. I thought the price would have gone up since oil went so high, but it was actually 2 cents less. Dunno about tomorrow though.

My partner is still having trouble finding gas (Houston, TX) though.


Thank you, TGC ...

I just came from TX a week ago ... no problems in the DFW area. Regular was $3.55.


nah... not here... California....


thank you, mom


we have plenty in PA thank your republican friends


thank you, SULLY

Slap Daddy:

Not a Republican, but your welcome anyway. I may be working in PA come december, Branford :) Drill Baby Drill more work for me...




thank you, money-talks


Nope. I live in Orting, WA and we only have 3 gas stations.


Thank you, Sheldon


No, we still have the highest prices in the country.




Thank you, gbob


Huh. I thought Hawaii always had the highest prices.


No problems in Ohio


Thank you, wondering chic


Not here in New England.... so far. On a brighter note I filled up today at $3.46 for regular, the lowest it's been in a while. That 30 minute wait you spoke of is chillingly reminiscent of the shortages in the 70s. I remember a lot of angry frustrated folks and a multi state drive was a roll of the dice depending on local regulations. Here's wishing you better things on your trip!


Thank you, Joe ...

We saw $3.39/gal all the way across TN. Something smells rotten in NC. The price here is $4.19.


Not at the gas stations in ND, but the trucks bringing the gas to the stations are experiencing some long lines at the fuel terminals.


Thank you, AngelND

=Squeeky Clean Mike=:

no,fuel is abundant


thank you, pmt

Literally Speaking ™:

Plenty here in South East Louisiana.


thank you, LS


Nope got a full tank today right down the road live in south jersey.


Nope, no shortage in western PA. I filled up on my way home from work yesterday, paid $3.59 a gallon.
Is the shortage still going on in NC? I will be heading to NC in two weeks for a wedding... hope that it is sorted out by then.
HI ND :-)

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