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How can we fix the mess that were in our dollar is getting weaker ?? how can the economy recover


We can work to strengthen our economy at home by relying less on debt and more on local materials. Knowledge, innovation and good business practices will help individual bussinesses to survive (and possibly even thrive...!!). The buying power of our wages has been going down steadily for decades, even when the economy was 'good'. Reversing the trend will take big changes in how people do business. The answer for individuals will involve cutting expenses and developing other sources of income.


1. Expose the Crooks & prosecute them.
2. Return to Reality and quit living beyond our means.
3. Simplify our lives & get down to earth with our neighbors.
4. Invest in the U.S.A. not Mexico, Japan, on.
5. Fire the enterprise lying preachers and put truth tellers behind the pulpits.
WEll....that's a start isn't it?


Back the Reserve with Gold
Dump the zionist clowns running the Fed Reserve & allow the Government to issue currency.
Properly Regulate the Financial industry
Bring back a mixed economy with Public spending & ownership for public infrastructure & major banks, hospitals, roads, & telecommunications.

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