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Chicago Lady

Are the "golden years" over-rated? How long will we have to keep working?

With the economy, I'm wondering when I'll actually be able to retire, travel, relax, watch my garden grow. Does anyone else feel this way? .

Yes, all of the time - my husband and I will have to work until we are 62, we had hoped to be retired at 55 - when the kids were off to college - but his retirement plan doesn't pay up until he's 62...kind of stinks....this economy is bad and things will probably get worse.

Chicago Lady:

I know JUST how you feel, Boots!! Thanks for responding :-)

2 Cents:

Golden years? Yeah, those are the years when I give all my GOLD for health insurance and to the pharmacists and doctors what the insurances won't cover.

Chicago Lady:

LOL yes, it would be funny except that it's becoming all too true ... Thanks for your answer.

John P:

I did until I retired from the Army. Thinking I would be happy to just do housework while my husband is at work. But I miss the Army. he is lucky to get to go to work. My health keeps me from working or I would.

Chicago Lady:

Hi patpat, maybe there is some kind of work you could do from home? Thanks for answering ... :-)


Hi Chicago Lady :-) I think that perhaps they are, but I am not there yet...
Have we seen the last group of people retire that worked for companies that offered conventional pensions? And even those are not "safe" from financial predators.
Locally, most people in my age bracket are looking at a retirement based on the performance of the stock market-- companies with conventional pensions stopped offereing them to new hires quite a while ago. I am not worried, it (the market) will recover and I still have time, but for many who were ready to retire at a reasonable age, the near future looks financially bleak. Many will have to work quite a bit longer than they had planned. I think that it is a shame... greed and mismanagement is subjecting so many people to this kind of heartache.
I reckon that we must watch our gardens grow, travel and relax, in between workdays for a while yet. :-)

Chicago Lady:

Thanks for your answer, Willow, and great to see you!! :-)


Some of the called experts are saying that because of the economical conditions the retirement age will go from 65years to 70years.

Chicago Lady:

Yikes. I'm doomed! Actually I can't imagine sitting around being bored, so I'd keep moving anyway, as long as I'm breathing. It's just that .... I'd kind of like to call the shots and have a flexible schedule and take days off whenever I feel like it .... LOL in other words, heck, I can't wait that long to retire!!!!!

2 Cents:

My daughter is 45, says she will have to work until she is 72. She's not happy about that.

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