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I don't have a clue - how would McCain balance a budget? Cut pork & freeze spending just kills jobs!

If he plans to give all taxpayers a break - their won't be funds to support his War on Terrorism or whatever his New Surge will be called. He sure won't balance any budget - maybe this is why he won't answer the question - he can't. He claims to have an answer but refuses to make it public (Gloria Borger noticed this as well) - He doesn't want to spoil the suprise - just like his intentions with Pakistan - keep em in the dark!

Here is a GREAT book to read. THE GOVERNMENT RACKET: Washington Waste A to Z by Martin L. Gross, professor at New York University and faculty of The New School for social Research. It is a quick read and fast. I could NOT put it down. I was dumbfounded. It was written in 1992. Another book that is terrific and written in 2000 by Martin L. Gross is THE GOVERNMENT RACKET 2000. Current spending in congress is for programs that don't necessarily promote growth in the economy but rather stifle the economy. There are truly people that need a social net but NOT to sustain them for generations. Congress puts earmarks in budgets to support programs for ulterior motives (get votes, as paybacks for favors) in their congressional districts. Are you aware the McCain refuses to use lobbyists in his campaigning and ACORN does have PAC(political action committee which are lobbyists) that was going to get an earmark in the LAST congressional bailout but was removed after complaints by GOP?


Doesn't look like McCain or any of his people have a clue - how do they plan to balance the budget - he states that he can do it but no specifics???


No valid answers to my question - can't vote for these


That is why you not running for president. I can be done but not under a Democrat administration that is for sure.


The answer to this question must be too difficult for you - as well as McCain and Bush and other Republicans - its like more than a single issue - complex.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Let me explain it to you in laymen terms......When Washington DC cuts taxes....that is, leaves money in peoples pockets, two things happen. Money is spent and invested. Both of these things stimulate the economy. To break it down even more simply........If companies are given tax breaks....they build more stores and plants...hire new employees....these NEW employees become NEW taxpayers and more money goes to DC. If taxes are raised the opposite happens....Companies lay off....close and or raise prices of goods.


MAC!! You are so right! To make money you have to spend money but that money HAS to be spent PRODUCTIVELY. You plant a seed, a plant grows producing seeds to provide more plants. This country needs more productive growth to create more jobs that will pay more taxes. I stopped working when ALL that I made went to taxes and we were in the low end of the middle class. I will tell you it was a low blow when I was working 50 - 60 hours a week for someone who outrightly told me he he couldn't work at 40 years old and in GOOD health save for 2 missing toes because he had to MUCH to do collecting 100% disability. How do i know of this -- he was a patient and I took care of him, he was very physically capable of working.


So simplistic - the Republican worldview - just so much hokum. I think the money that was invested (stock market), has just vanished - at least on paper. Do Bill Gates & Warren Buffett, resent paying their fair share of taxes? I doubt it - they can see past thier own greed. They realize the benifit to all - will benifit them as well.
There is still no answer to my question - how would McCain balance a budget?


SPENDING comes out of the Congress that's why it is called the Congressional Budget. The legislative branch ( Congress and House) make the Laws. Democrats have traditionally gone for social programs but to afford them (spend monies) have to increase funds to support there programs -- those funds are your taxes. Some Democrats ( Pelosi, Reid,etc) believe the American people have who worked all their lives have deep pockets as Pelosi has said we can tax retirement accounts.(documented in her Ca. district). Now Pelosi and Reid are proposing new HIGH dollar bailouts. Where do you think the monies will come from? Socialistic Democratic congress??


Your responce did not address the question - is this the new Republican speak?


How about giving all the senators and representatives a huge pay cut. They get more $ for doing not much of anything than most people I know.


How about congress sharing in ALL the same programs that they force on the American people -- healthcare, retirement, unemployment, etc.? Taxpayer's union has ome VERY interesting facts on CONGRESS and their monies.

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