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Schools fail, jobs taxed away, PERS/Medicare/SocSec/FanFred bankrupt, 4 more Democrat years???



We as a nation have spent years pouring lives and cash into the money-pit that is Iraq. If you don't think that money could support domestic social programs perhaps you are not doing the math. If you believe my tax dollars and yours are better spent on Iraqis than Americans, I think your priorities may be a bit off. I am not saying we don't have a responsibility to fix the mess we made in the middle east, but that we would be better off spending to fix some messes closer to home.


9/11 was VERY "close to home". And it hasn't recurred (here) since we started our (expensive) defense against terrorists. If you want to save money, may not be wise to "drop the expense" of your guard, ..thinking that your guard is an "unnecessary" expense. (..I like my neighbors, but I still lock my doors at night.)


Bush is responsible for encouraging the spending in Iraq, yes, ..but it is the Congress that writes every single budget, and allocates every single American dollar, well as creating every single public program. The Congress writes every single regulation and law that governs business, Wall St., and government, including social services, schools, pension plans, and health care. If our budget is a mess, ..look to the authors of the budget: ..and that is Congress.


Hey...we're America...we've survived much worse.

Come on now...chin up!


Well, I agree we will survive, ..we always do, whether we like it or not. "Tomorrows another day", yes, ..but shouldn't we try to ensure that it isn't so unpleasant? Our newspapers don't seem to want to help much, ..they all talk about "the budget", ..but they never give a clue about what is in it. I saw some very small graph somewhere that shows fully one-half of California's budget goes "to education". Yet 50% of CA schools are classed as "failing", ..Do "government jobs", "government spending", and "government subsidies" really provide the way to a healthy economy? ..I worry it does not. We could do better than to form an alliance upon "checks in the mail" for our children's future!

John P:

The democrats control the government and things will stay the same if obama is elected. Yes, most people don't realize that the people of the so called middle class, obama wants to help ,make around $250,000.00. Anyone that makes less than that is not worth his time.

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