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Do you go out of your way to find and go to gas stations with cheaper gas?

I wonder how many people do that.I know about a couple of gas stations near my house that tend to have lower prices, and I usually just go to them. So I don't go online or drive around to find cheaper alternatives -- seems to me you could actually spend more money in gas driving further to a cheaper station!What do you do?

not out of my way... I know the stations in town and if I am going to be in town I will go to one of them that offers cheaper gas.... you are right though it doesnt pay to go outta your way.... we have a couple of stations here that offer lower by a nickel on certain days and one that will donate part of their proceeds to medical research so we do try to use those...

Bball Star:

Doesn't that seem a bit counterproductive? haha


That's what I'm thinking! But I suppose that it would make economic sense if the amount you saved by driving further would be outweighed by the amount you saved from the cheaper gas.


No... Driving for a few cents cheaper 10 miles away is stupid.


No, I find gas stations confusing enough, I hate going there for some reason, it's the one spending money thing that's no fun, smiling.


No, due to the fact that is burning fuel

Literally Speaking ™:

Well with my mode of transportation it really don't matter one way or the other, LOL but NO I would not drive out of my way to find cheaper fuel, I will however select the cheapest one on my route, depends on how close to "E" my vehicle is.



I don't.


We shop at store with fuel perks it is great


I go to Safeway and in a period of 3 months, every time you accrue $100 in purchases you get a 10 cent off discount, and you can have an unlimited amount of 10 cent off discounts (for example, if you accrue $200 you get 20 cents off, $300 you get 30 cents off). You just have to use them before the quarter ends. So I just go there, its a bigger discount and a lot closer then going to Arco, and having to pay 45 cents for a debit transaction and drive 10 extra miles.

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