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Do you know what Ralpher Nader would have done instead of the $830M Bail-out?


No, I don't, since he's got no chance of doing anything of note in politics, I don't care. He's been a non entity since the early 70's when he was a consumer safety guru.


That's a childish answer. You should research it.


Chichi. Don't go on about being childish. Your recent behavior here has proven that you are an authority on that subject.
I have no need to study Nader's plans or opinions because they are completely without relevance.
How you choose to spend your time, and how you choose to cast your vote is entirely up to you. You asked a question, which is essentially as yes or no question. I answered no. Move on, and if you don't agree with the answers you get, don't ask those types of questions.

John P:

tg10is you said that pefect.

John P:

I know everybody has told you that they love your avatar. I get a thrill out of it everytime I see it. Thanks for the pleasure.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

That's a good question. I have no clue. However, I can guess that he would be against it since he is pretty anti-business pro-consumer.


It's a plan where those who benefit pay for the bailout with a small transaction fee, like counties tend to raise sales tax in emergencies. This way those who caused the problem would feel the pain, albeit a small prick, rather than the general citizenry.

I've seen virtually no press coverage and would like more detailed info. If Bush et. al. hadn't rushed this thing through could we have had a much better deal with the same results.


Would be a nice site, thanks, but for the fact the last update appears to be Feb 2008. :(

Wife vs husband:

He would have followed his "Jail Time, Not Bail Time" rhetoric and gone after them in court.
Adding a little bit of accountability rather than just letting them get away scot-free!

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