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Is the Economic meltdown readying the world for a One World Currency

Would you accept it? Would you applaud it? Would you care? Sarkozy is drumming up the idea of "exploring New Currency Systems" whatever that may entail. Would you accept a global currency system or take it a step further & accept RFID implants to solve the worlds market problems
Slap Daddy:

Inch by inch, step by step. a bit of a nibble at a time. Each step you may not like so much but it doesnt seem like that big of a deal, Each small relatively insignificant step alone really was putting together the system in place to make it so the steps are not so small anymore.​ct17,0,2243335.story


The bites are getting bigger recently


I think by "New Currency Systems" he means ways in which we are not so dependant on the current money systems, and that is stock market, borrowing, commodities, shares; that sort of thing, although a world money currency could probably help people (especially in E-commerce) understand fluctuations in the markets and such so much more through a universal understandable guideline; Money. Many people don't get if the Dow is up or the NASDAQ has plummeted it means nothing to them, but people understand that if one part of the world pays $1.92/L for Petrol compared to $1.25/L then it does hit them a little harder.


I have known the money system was fake since 1964. when not enough silver to cover the bills. now 44 years later it catches up.. I really don't care how they TRY to solve it.. God help us all..

John P:

No. America needs to stay away from that.


Tell Bush that then. He's standing shoulder to shoulder with Sarkozy

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