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Jims best angle

How much cash are you allowed to have in your physical possession?

Legally do you know how much cash your are allowed to have in your possession at any given point in time in the United States?

I think it's 10k. But I believe rappers and pro sports folks can have up to 50k. Just in case they feel the need to make it rain.


Best answer? Ummm... it's wrong.


There is no legal limit to the amount of cash someone can have in their possession. But if you try to spend more than, I think it's $7,000 (used to be $10,000) in one place, the receiver is obligated to report it to the government.


As far as I know that would be any amount


$500.00 is the maximum amount my Old Lady allows/wants me to carry on me at a time. She tried to make it $20.00 but it is impossible for me to even step off the property without dropping$35.00


Actually if you spend $9999.99 it doesn't have to be reported to the goverment


I think there is an amount that you can possess at one time just not sure how much. But as long no one knows about it you can have as much as you like!!! Just imagine if everyone was keeping cash at home without a limit there will be no money in circulation, that's why there's a limit and also why we have banks!!!!


I don't think there is any limit, but you do need to be careful about transporting large sums of money. Because of our "War on Drugs", police have wide authority to sieze large sums of cash if they even suspect that it might be connected to drugs in any way. No evidence needed, as this court case proves.​sh_seizure_despite_no_drugs

I have heard that they are especially zealous about such siezures in places like train stations and airports.


I always thought it was $10K. I am sure that I will never get stopped for having to much cash on me, unless they stop people for a couple of $20's and a bunch of pennies in the bottom of my purse.

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