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Have you either had or attended a rent party? Are we headed that way?

I've only seen them in movies.

Sad. maybe some of the yard sales were from people losing their homes and moving to smaller quarters.


i have never heard of a rent party but i know there have been more yard sales ,and it is getting cold here and they are having them every week end ,it looks like some of them are selling every thing they own the yards are full ,i hate to say it but i feel bad but if i need it and they are selling it i by it ,i bought my grandson a pair of tommy jeans today looked new for 2 bucks so i would say we are in desperate times and if it calls for a rent party have one if it helps ,i am getting ready to donate some coats and other things myself ,the good wills are busy too ,so what ever we gotta do do it .......may god help us all


When you can't pay the rent, you invite all your friends. The guests each bring a dish of food, and donate whatever they can afford towards your rent. It was common back some years.


good to see you, my friend


Hello, Yo! Nice to see you...
I have attended many in my time...I think the dy is coming when they will become common, again....


it's a potluck party where the guests come and donate what they can to help pay your rent.


What's a rent party? I never heard of it or seen them in movies??


those college kids just gotta have fun! Motto: pay for booze not rent!


I have never heard of it, but it sounds interesting!!! No I've never been to one.....Do you really think it will happen again? OMG are things that bad in the USA?

Texas Girl:

what is it? never heard of it before, please tell us.


we had those when i was in college. it was a way to have fun and get your rent too! lol mostly it was excuse to drink and have fun.

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