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Are you better off than eight years ago? I know i am.

In the last eight years my salary has doubled. My wife's salary has nearly doubled also.We've moved three times, each up in value and size,have 0 balance on my credit cards,alittle in the bank,lost some in market(but that's life).Maybe alittle less complaining alittle more saving and hard work. Make yourself the best at what ever you do.We have the right to the pursute of happiness. Not the right of happiness.

Mike, while I am not in a business that will make me tons of money I like what I do. Most people I know did well in the last 8 years. All you need to do is remember the Carter years..20% and up interest rates. You never hear the media talk about that when going after GW. Any way, life is what you do with it, but I am one that can not send any more money than necessary to those that would turn the country into a communist state. This has been interesting and has some entertainment value. Will not create any opposition to "change". This comment thing seems to have about the same ration of good people, lefties, and kooks as you would find in a city. Also about the same ratio of people who do not care a wit about what the founders had in mind. A lot of Fredric, Karl, and v. lenin out here.

Literally Speaking ™:

Ditto on all counts!



In the last eight years I made my first million, lost it in a medical emergency, and then made it back again. Not bad since I started the Bush era with $50 thousand in debt, and an $8/hour job. We need to fix our health insurance system though. It is disapointing to see everything you have worked so hard for evaporate when a truly expensive medical emergency arises.


Im no where neer that,but I'm happy for u.
As far as medical,I hear you.


Well said, Mike, but you probably won't make any friends that way - braggin' and all... LOL
We humans always think we have it so bad! We are never happy are we?
Sometimes, we oughtta take a long hard look at some other people's predicaments and realize we are not so bad off.


Absolutely, my salary has doubled, have zero debt and planned on buying a vacation home but latest debacle has eaten into our plans. 


So I wonder why the dems don't talk about that.As for the vac home good luck and the market will come back always does.


Absolutely! And not because of anything financial, but 8 years ago one of my daughters spent that year fighting cancer at 4 years old. Once you go through something like that, you stop sweating the small stuff!


Hear!Hear! good luck


Thanks, she's good now!


Nope, not at all. I was doing much better 8 years ago. I worked for the Postal Service then, but because of a move to hold my marriage together I lost my seniority, so I wasn't able to work daytime hours. Ended up in divorce anyhow, with custody of two boys, quit job because of the hours. Ex broke his back from a DUI accident. I moved to another state to start over. Got a middle class job with DoD ~ was doing okay, but not able to save much. Got an upper middle class job earlier this year, was starting to get out of debt, but the gov't yanked the contract and now I'm being laid off. Still trying to figure out how to get ahead....


NOT to be rude. But stop working for the govn't.

Literally Speaking ™:

Your fault for leaving USPS not the gov or the economy or the presidents elected or about to be elected, If you left the postal service on good terms you can get your job back, granted you won't have the seniority but it's better than working in public.
I happen to OWE my great prosperity on USPS for the past 4+ years and it just gets better every contract renewal, LOL Ya just gotta read thru the internal politics.


It wasn't anybody's fault why I left the USPS. I loved my job actually and had worked there for 6 years prior to the transfer that cost my seniority. However, working 3 - midnight wasn't the right thing to do as a single parent.


Spiritualy yes all the other stuff well it is just are grown and gone get to work at a job I love(work with animals) dont make alot of money so dont stress on what I may loose would be nice to have some benies as I have gone to a doctor in the past 10 years.


Mercy, well 8 years ago i was 15 so i think i will say yes things are better! i didn't like my teenage years.....much happier now that i'm in my 20's.

John P:

yes, in every way.


No, I lost over sixty thousand dollars in a property sale. It was my life's savings I had hoped to retire to Fl. Prices are up on food, gas, taxes etc. My husband now has only social security and I do not qualify yet. We have no health insurance because we do not make enough money to afford any. I work hard and I am sixty four years old. I try to save everyway I know how. We even heat our home with wood and it is not better today than 8 years ago.


Sorry for your troubles. But do you think you should've used your whole nest egg on a property deal. If the deal went the other way would you feel the same.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

In a lot of ways. I am making about 3x the money. If you don't count the last 3-4 months I would have to give a pretty unqalified yes.

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