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Why will only those nations who leaders have faith in God survive the current financial crisis?

God (The Almighty) is in, and controls "all things." Did you know this truth?

They know that the lord promised us our daily bread not steak and caviar.......and we have been we must pay and pray!!

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Looking at Scripture, I find that Egypt survived famine and prospered until the Exodus. The Hebrews did not do so well at the same time.

The Syrian, Assyrians, Chaldeans, later Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all prospered while Israel and Judah suffered.

Most of the above were cases of God disciplining His people. The notable exception was when God brought the 70 to Egypt because of the famine. He had another purpose then.

I must conclude that God has His reasons when He allows His people to suffer and He has His reasons when He lets the ungodly prosper. It will take some time for humans to know what He actually did.


For one who has faith in God, Jesus reveals in Mark 11:22 - 26, that such one shall be able to "say whatsoever" one "desires" into existence when one prays to God (The Almighty).


Anything at all, James_t? Pray for the sign that I am asking for. If what you are promulgating is true then everyone in the entire universe will know that what you are promulgating is true by 30 October 2008 at 00:00 UTC. Is what you are promulgating true or are you just another charlatan?


I see you are an impostor, James_t, just as I had thought.


We’ll see. China seems to not be affected too much by the current situation and it seems that those who have leaders with faith in their particular god are.


Only God (The Almighty) knows who truly has faith in him.


Why of course. How else could the myth possibly work.

Military Enlisted Retiree:

Because God and Faith is free

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