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Is this election about War? ..Wealth Redistribution? ..Racial Healing? ..or Economic Growth?

I'll put "global warming" under world economic growth, ..and local "job security" under wealth redistribution (..Do I need a placeholder for "Personal Fulfillment"? .."Religious Fulfillment? .."World Economy"? ..or "Honest Government"?) ..Of the above choices, which is YOUR most personal concern?
BUD 28:

Sure. All of the above. My personal concern is "Honest Government".


thats an oxymoron


Bingo! ..Thank you! ..I mean, "Thank you for your contribution, Sir". Maybe like you, I see a "fair an honest election" as the very hallmark of America's worth! ..It is everything we have! If the government performs badly, or dishonestly, ..we kick them out! We need to be able to trust our leaders, and the system of electing them. Good luck!


If we had an honest government all the concerns listed above would be moot. It all went wrong when we let parties spend millions and millions of dollars to buy their candidates way into office. Then there are too many people that are uninformed and cast ballots solely along party lines, not understanding or caring about the issues. The good old boy society is so entrenched from the upper echelon of federal government all the way down to city government it will be almost impossible to ever change it. We as a nation somehow decided long ago that only the elite should govern us. And now we are paying the price!


I am not so sure I would call Joe Biden an "elite who should govern us". (..Sorry, ..but he is just my personal favorite to "throw overboard" first!) Yes, honesty of government is the fundamental. "Always Faithful!" Without our word, what are we?


How many people in government are in it for the money? Is nothing but a power trip so they can be puppets for their political party and special-interest, sad but true!


Yes, ..Power corrupts! ..That's what "free and honest elections" are all about, getting bad ones out, and finding good ones who can replace them . Unfortunately, those elected "officers" like to keep the water around them very muddy, so that it is difficult to have a meaningful inspection of the goods! (..or the service record of those in power!) Maybe that's what newspapers are supposed to examine for us, ..but I think they just want to mostly sell advertisements, they print whatever sells. Oh well!


It's a sad state of affairs, when any news outlet endorses a political figure to up its ratings. The funny thing is they're cutting their own throats :-) All those down the totem pole will be required to have health insurance and benefits not currently provided. What's a few more unemployed people in today's mess!


I believe the newspapers/television are, like colleges, filled with "dreamers" who are protected from the real world, from real human nature. They pick a "dream of the day" (.."if we elect Obama, war, poverty, and all racisms will end!") ..and then they run with it. They want to be smart (.."elite") so they need to prove they were right by ensuring the outcome they have chosen. One election saying is: "If you supported the winner, you're a genius, ..and if not, you're just a loser." So, as they had earlier made their "dreamy" picks noticeable, ..they now have to insure they are "geniuses", by insisting their candidate should win (..and they are now demanding, aren't they!) Oh well, ..We'll just "hope for the best, and live with the rest!" ..Happy Saturday!


World Economy would go hand in hand with, Honest Govt, or should, If we had an honest govt, we wouldn't have to be as concerned about the Economy.


I agree with that, here in the States, ..but even if we DID have an honest government (..and I don't think we are doing THAT bad) ..there may still be problems in "the world economy". We do not control "the world economy", ..just our participation in it, and our contribution to it. Let's keep ourselves honest.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

This election is about brainwashed masses of people who have given up Christ and replaced the need for spirituality with misguided love of Obama. We need our military might, we need a fresh face in the White House (Palin) and we need people who understand how the world works, now how they dream it could be.


Sounds like you are voting for "war readiness, religious fulfillment, and honest government". Thank you!


Wealth Redistribution!


..thank you for your vote! (.. and here's some Halloween candy!!)


Most of all this race is about taking the country in a New Direction. People feel mislead by the current administration. Mislead about the War, mislead about the Economy, mislead about Education and energy. There is no confidence in the ability of the government to do put the best interest of the public first.They have allowed The Fox to rule to Henhouse and us chickens are getting eaten alive. People are voting to put accountability back in office. We need our county to be respected and revered worldwide once again. We should be the leader of the free world not the bully. The whole world is watching this election like no other, and they see the possibility for US to inspire them once again.

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