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Is "demanding" money from "the rich", the same as "demanding" oil from Iraq? ... Do both start wars?

Some people think we were encouraged to war with Iraq because we could see a shortage of oil ahead, and we wanted to make sure we would have enough for our own needs. I mean, ..They had more than they deserved, right? ..So we can take "our share", right? ..They OWED it to us, right? Isn't that what we are saying about people with more money than us? ..Did they steal it? ..Was it ours until they took it? ..How did they take it? ..How much do they owe me in return??? In Iraq, many Iraqis did not like what they saw, and those that could afford it, just left. That could happen here in America if we "go to war" over capital resources.How many of you like war? ..May I see your votes???

We have not received one drop of Iraqi oil. All the oil produced in Iraq is contracted to China. The Chinese government is willing to pay more and won the bidding for Iraqi oil.

The 'war for oil' mantra is old hat and has been proven to not be the case.

The Iraqi's that left Iraq either left when we first invaded and most of them are the scumbags that worked or Saddam and still need to be dealt with.

The others that left Iraq left to avoid being killed by Al-Qaida and other terrorists. Many of those that left were Iraqi Christians to avoid being beheaded by Al-Qaida.


I agree with everything you said. My question is, "Isn't demanding more money from the rich, the same as demanding a resource from another country?" (..which we all KNOW is wrong)


I believed that USA do the things to gain...nothing is for free...maybe later if democratic government is establish there it will be allied


When people stop taking from each other, ..that is peace, ..that is the only peace.


I believe Bush thought he could go in and steal the Iraqi oil...didn't work.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

....and I don't believe your a Vet.................


..That was not the question: I asked you if demanding money from the rich was the same as.. (you say Bush did) ..demanding oil from Iraq?


I can not imagine ANY on going to war.
You ask so many questions. Vote OBAMA...


No thank you, Sen. Obama wants to go to war over America's money!


...and by the way, WHY should I "vote Obama"?
(.. .. is that asking too many questions??)


Most rich people are born rich. Read Inequality by Design.... there is more inequality in the United States than any other industrialized Western nation. Inequality exists in this country because we allow it!

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Most of the rich in the USA did not inherit....They worked and earned it..........

CalCarp: doesn't "equality" mean we all have the same rights to keep what we have?

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

I fail to see the relationship between your two examples. No one likes war, it is an inflamatory question. Constantine began the ethical concept of violence as a means of protecting the innocent.
If we could drill off our own shores without the Democrats placing so many psychological restricions on thinking, then we wouldn't have such ridiculous questions about oil and wars.


The "relationship" is quite clear, ..wars begin when one party takes something from someone else. That is NOT a "ridiculous" position, is quite practical! So, you want to take rich people's money or not?


..and to take something from someone (a violent act) ..and claim it is an "ethical necessity" is the cornerstone of communism, fascism, and "socialist democracies" (..which is the progenitor of the first two "-ism"s). Isn't that how it usually goes?

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

War is a necessity at times......Defeating the Germans in WW1 & 2 prevented the axis nations from taking over the World. Imagine if the allies had lost those conflicts.


iraq didn't invade anyone....that's how hitler started the war..he invaded poland.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Iraq invaded Iran and Kuwait....where ya been?

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

PS....Hitler invaded the Ruhr Valley of Austria first....History not your big suit is it?


So when are you guys going to answer the muster? ..Shall we invade rich bank accounts or not?


I do not like war but I believe there will be a war here in America if Obama happens to win.What Obama plans to do and not do will mean disaster for America.


Well, ..lets just hope we all rethink this "taking from other people" stuff, okay?

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