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Why do we hear so little about Obama and McCain's policies? We hear things that may make us like

them. Whether someone is likeable has little to do with their ability to maintain an economy that directly affects the world economy; or to make decisions that impact almost every nation. Is it important to you to know whether others 'like' your future president, or would you like to know how they think?

Part of being a politician is the ability to be unspecific and talk much without really taking a stand on any issue... It is also due to the fact that they really don't have any real answers or solutions... Their main goal is to be elected President and not to be moral, ethical, or truthful......


Is this not an insult to your integrity and ability to decide objectively who will best lead the most influential nation on earth?
Don't you think they should "sell" themselves in the context of their ablitities and plans for the job they are taking on? When the rest of us go to job interviews, we have to demonstrate that we can do the job. What about them? Are you satisfied for them to convince you that they are popular with others, and therefore should be popular with you to?
Just getting it off my chest. Thanks for answering, m.


You are much too logical in your thinking, the world doesn't work that way.... Ha det bra....


Both men have said alot of things about hteir policies; some people just don't listen.


I don't live in America, so all I've heard is their social heritage, their relative ages, McCain's war service history, etc. Only once did I hear something about their policies regarding war, - but the way it was presented here still did not show decided leadership decisions. It was more along the lines of "my opinion of what Bush has done is ...." rather than "if elected, I will....."
Believe me, WolfyXXIX, I am interested, and I have been listening. What happens in the USA does affect the rest of the world to some degree. Australia is affected to a larger degree because we are allies, we have trade agreements and we both have the traditional western culture which is a mutual drawcard for tourists. All the listening I have been doing has not led me to anything substantial about policy. The emphasis appears to be popularity.


best answer


You haven't been listening


Ok, so maybe it's what is reported overseas. I certainly hope the American people make informed decisions, rather than decisions based of popularity or "whatever feels good".

John P:

Because they do not know theirselves. They have to wait and get into office and see what Bush has left them to clean up and what he had left them to clean it up with.


If that is the case, it sounds like any popularity contest winner (dream up your own context) has as much credibility of being able to run the USA as Obama and McCain do. I think having the ability to run a country is a much weightier responsibility than mere popularity can buy.

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