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Why focus on Obama? What is BUSH doing NOW for the economy?

His IS still the president. What is he doing to help before Obama takes over?

Bush is still the president but what he hasn't done in eight years is not going to get done in a couple of months. What Bush can do to help is pack his bags early and speed up the process.


I think most intelligent people, quit hoping on him a long time ago.

In Focus: Transition President Bush Discusses the Transition with Employees of the Executive Office of the President South Lawn Video (Windows)
White House News 11:12 A.M. EST


And this helps the economy how?


bush and his staff are briefing Obama.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Well, they are working together on the problem rather than bickering during the transition. I hear that Obama's people have already been given offices at the Treasury and are working with Bush's people on the problem to double team it. Sounds like a good effort to me.

John P:

Covering his rear and packing up to go.


He still has over two months. Just bag the economy and leave?


Buying some scratch tickets-

Don't laugh, it's what I'm planning on to fund my retirement.


The lottery was supposed to help fund education.
"And your kids win, too!"

Good luck. It's as good a plan as any I've seen from the government lately.


If you pay attention, he is and has been busy making the transition period as easy as possible, while keeping you safe as he has for the last 7 years. Not one more attack on American soil since 911, thanks to him. Shame on you people that show such a lack of respect for him. You shouldn't be so quick to criticize someone and something you know nothing about. You think you could do his job??


Thank God he invaded Iraq to save us from another attack!

Could I do his job?..... making poor corporate friendly decisions, padding my friend's pockets in the military industrial complex's pockets full of our money and killing our soldiers invading a sovereign country for no reason with no exit strategy..... I think I could-
He's just a puppet anyway!
Anyone with strings could do that-
Shame on you for not seeing the wool as it's pulled over your eyes!

Did Bin Laden wiretap the citizens of this country?
Did he write up the patriot act? (bush didn't was written LONG before 9-11....That's what softened us up to except it)
The erosion of our freedoms in this country didn't come from Afghanistan or came cloaked in the American Flag!

Remember- "Those who would give up their freedoms for safety, will have neither"- Ben Franklin


SG - Can you please answer the question? What is he doing NOW for the economy. I don't think the bumper sticker "war on terror" is helping.


Why NOT focus on Obama? Investors focus on the future, not the present! And smart investors have found good reason to remove funds from the American economy in view of the policy proposals of President Elect Obama. People who have money are seeking and exploring any and all creative avenues to protect that which they feel is rightfully theirs. Tragically, the proposal to "share the wealth" is and will continue to frighten savvy investors resulting in severe depression of the American economy. What personal benefit can be realized in any profit if the government has implicate designs on taking more than a fair share?


"Investors focus on the future"
Wall Street logic?

Why would Americans divest in Wall St if that does greater harm than anyone's proposed policies?

So where will you invest? China? Russia? Iraq?

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

The less the Government does about the economy the better. The bailout was their last attempt at fixing it. I am perfectly happy with them sitting back and letting it work itself out. The cure is worse than the disease!


I cannot disagree, yet I am not confident if we do nothing.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Capitalism has a nice property of being self correcting. It can get messy while it works itself out, but ultimately it will fix itself without Government intervention. Historically Government intervention has only made the bad times worse and prolonged the self correction.

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