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How did societies function before taxes?


They looked after themselves and eachother sharing the the government takes and you still have to do lots on your own.


Very true Bev, very true : )


We in the USA did quite will with out any income tax thank the Dems for the tax.


We should thank the Dems for the income tax.


cooking animals over a fire and sharing with your buddies, Those days would have been cool, all you had to do is hit a woman over the head with a club. What a cheep date.


I'd like to hit you over the head with a club! But it wouldn't be a date. :o)


that is not very nice, but as hard headed as I am I would bring a sturdy club


It was a joke Stal.... :o)


Lol you two.


Before taxes?
The only society I can think of would be the ancient Egyptians. Your life, family, dreams and everything you saw belonged to the Pharoah.
Taxes were a moot point.


Actually, there were taxes in ancient Egypt. In fact, the very oldest known writings, are accounting records used for taxes, found in Egypt.


Probably without sophisticated defense systems like tomahawk missiles, nuclear submarines, orbiting space sattelites, electricity, running water, sewer systems, paved public highways, airports, fire departments, police departments and with most people dead of disease, injuries or malnution by the time they were 40. There was no government money spent on researching the causes or treatments of diseases or any new technology. New inventions came slowly. People who were old or sick were left to beg on the streets or left to die if they didn't have any family who could take care of them. Thanks, but no thanks - I'd rather pay taxes.


much better than now


Way back, they bartered to exchange services without any money!




Before taxes, cheiftains, Datu's, Pharoah's, or whatever their society call them, owns everything and its up to their leaders to feed, defend and organise the society.


There was never any such thing as a society without least not any large society. The ancient Egyptians had taxes. The Greeks had taxes. The Romas had taxes. Every major civilization has had taxes.


I think there has always been taxes . The bible even talks about taxes collectors.

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