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Race: Biological reality or social construct? Since my childhood I found the notion that we are superior "race" totally abhorrent. This lead me from young age to rebel against this false concept of "race" which lead to intense studies in religions, philosophy, science and ideologies. There is no real (meaning natural) demarcation of such thing called "race". Do you subconsciously categorize people to inferior and superior on the basis of superficial external differences or do you view them equal humans but differ only how good a person they are? Please dig deep before answering?

Social construct.
Cats have no problems with each other even though one may be a Saimese and the other an Egyptian Shorthair.
The same thing with dogs.

Valentin Alsina News:

i have so many different colors in my family that race is a joke---korean, chinese, brazillian, irish, indian, english----------the whole race chat is pretty funny to me----my family has always been rainbow colored----haven't thought twice about it---it's normal to me---


It's a social construct. If there were significant biological differences endemic to racial difference, we should see significant differences between the races at the genetic level. In reality there is actually more genetic variation within racial groups than there is between racial groups.

Now just because race is a social construct doesn't mean that it doesn't have a profound impact on our lives. Race may not be a biological reality, but it's consequences for how we interact with one another are very real. Unfortunately making people aware that there is no biological grounding for racial differences isn't likely to do much to reduce racism. The Klan has adapted to this somewhat and now emphasizes the cultural inferiority of Jews and blacks, rather than some biological defect. The unfortunate truth is that hate can evolve too.


Thank you for that, but is the word "race" biological reality or social construct?


Both, look up some communication sites and study it. It is all learned very early and totally depends on your parents AND your surroundings.


search communication development ladder


"subconsciously categorize people to inferior and superior on the basis of superficial external differences"
...the study of interpersonal communication discusses all this and more, take a class, it will open your mind and your eyes

Max eat it:

Both.but later one dominates.


To an extent it is biological.

There is indeed a difference between caucasiods, negroids, and mongoloids - the skull. The skin color doesn't have anything to do with it though. We as a species all started out as black, and as we expanded to the north our pigment began to change.


I believe race is a term that is more social construct than anything biological. We are all the same species and there is no real division of races anymore. At one time, one's "race" could tell a lot about someone, where they lived, the predominant social and religious beliefs, what they ate, etc. But, that is no longer the case, our world is getting smaller and smaller. But, people seem to need concrete identifiers, some way to classify one another, so once race has become obsolete, we'll resort to another form of classification, whether it's purely geographic, economic, political, whatever, we'll still continue to put labels on each other. At least for the foreseeable future.

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