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Gray wolf

What will hurt the U.S. economy more the collapse of the stock market or the auto industry?

Some members of our government jumped to bail out Wall Street but they seem to be willing to let the U.S. auto industry collapse.

Both but in different ways. The stock market can more easily rebound when the general economy improves in real terms. Stocks are over-inflated similarly to the housing market. If the auto industry is gone it will be very difficult to rebuild it. Obama is already talking pumping in 25 billion dollars to the auto industry. He is urging Bush to do it. If they bail-out the auto industry it should be done conditionally. They should improve fleet fuel efficiency by a least 30% in the next three years and by 60 % in the next five years. They have run out of time and that is our money. I want something that will really make them viable in eight years from now.


If they do bail out the auto industry, and they probably will, they should also stipulate that they keep jobs here and any future plants, etc be built here.


meri, you are right. Any bail-out should be conditional. I have stated just fuel efficiency, but there are several more like specify officers' salaries, job retention, loan pay-back time, certain number of parts to be contracted in U.S. companies and not allowed to leave the country , and so on.


lack of belief in the economy


Because many are pulling their money out of investments, you notice wall street is again showing it and the wealthy are leaving the country. Who will buy all their 18 cup holder autos? Obama will give them money.


We have bailed out the auto industry several times over the years, but nothing like will be done now.
I think the stock market will hurt us a lot more as there are many, many more jobs affected by it than the auto industry ever thought of having.

Gray wolf:

So I have been able to find out the auto industry employ almost 2,000,000 in 2006 then if you add other jobs that are connected to it I think it would crush the U.S. if it falls.


Almost every job in this country is tied to the stock market as almost all companies of any size are on the big board and if the market crashes I guarantee that the country will collapses.

Gray wolf:

My number my be off I used numbers from U.S. Automotive Industry Employment Trends
@DitzyDame show me a link to Wikipedia and the numbers of Ford and GM came out to 353,700


I understand your concern about the auto industry, it is much like the aircraft industry if either of the fail it will hurt the whole nation badly, but not like a collapse of the stock market would I think.


DitzyDame, My husband and I have investments in the market . Some may say we are wealthy, I don't think so, anyhow -- We also have a 401 We have lost $69 03 over the past 3 months in the 401. We have not lost ,we have made money with our other investments. Not everybody has lost money in the market. I have not heard of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates leaving the country. Now they are what you call wealthy. They are putting money into the market.


Wait until the new government takes over your 401ks to "protect" you and your future and locks you in at a 3% cap rate. Don't think it will happen? It's going to. The guise will be that those in power will put them in your social security "lock box" IE: government's pocket, removing them from the investment pool of capital funding. It will be the biggest boondoggle every inflicted on the free market. Pelosi and company are already laying the groundwork.


Graywolf, The market and the auto industry kind of go hand in hand. If one goes the other goes. We just don't know which will go first?


Dear Graywolf,
I have been reading several books over the last few weeks talking about the American government and the economy. We have turned away from manufacturing and toward financialization. It made a lot of money for a very small group on Wall Street and cost thousands of jobs for the people on Main Street. Detroit was given a huge sum of money by the Clinton Administration for alternative fuel cars in 1993, instead they build bigger SUV's. They are back to crying again, and wanting more money to move toward hybrids and other types of fuel efficiency. We should help them, but they had better produce this time. Japan built both the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius without any extra help because they feared being locked out of the American market. I bought a Honda, I love it. I used to own a Ford, it was hauled away as junk 5 months ago with less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. My next car will be a Honda or Toyota. Economists speaking on several shows on PBS said that the U.S. is likely to be down to one major auto maker within three years. GM is supposed to have the best plans for alternative fuel vehicles.


dur dur dur stock market that means like all business the auto industry is car businesses

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Just wait. There will be more bailouts, I'm sure.


raising taxes on the rich.. We will cease to invest or offer money for venture capital. We will stop hireing and will cut back on benefits. It's easy because you just hire all the millions of unemployed people, pay them cash or just have them work part time.


What venture capital? That river is drying up ahd fast, at least in this country.


Neither will collapse. If GM and ford fail other countries will be happy to make cars for us. If the stock market goes low enough other countries, that are making billions selling their oil, will step in and buy all the American companies. Thus the down fall of America as we know it.


Without the market , we have no auto industry. Business is the name of the game.

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