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Is the US economy entering an era of less consumerism and more recycling and frugality.

If so, are there any suggestions for replacement employment for those whose jobs depended on consumers and easy credit?

Everything I'm reading points to a continued worsening of the economy, for probably several years, so yes, less consumerism, and more frugality.


I don't see the recycling in Washington state. I have noticed that people are dumping their trash in the forest at an alarming rate. Where I live it cost $3.25 to throw a light bulb away. $500 fine if they find you didn't recycle it.


My guess would be finding clever ways to recycle and make things from the abundant waste in America.
It's amazing the things people throw away and other people are to lazy to collect.
Yesterday a guy who lost his home gave me sooooo many tools and material,(too many too list!!!!) I cannot list, a honda 100,
(just needs a wheel) an awesome cart to put in my shop, and two nifty military boxes to store the stuff in.
I don't even know this guy!


But yeah, I do some crafts in my spare time and aquire and sell things.
You got to do, what you got to do.
In ten years, from being a destitute new adult out of CYA , I am living pretty comfortably. (from my perspective)


get into recycling...

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