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What do you think -If the first stimulus rebates checks didn't give the economy a jump start will

another fair any better. People paid down debts-saved the money- but spent only about 12 billion on purchases of the 78 billion rebate checks from the first package. What would make another one any difference for the economy?

I do not think that those in charge at the time really understood just how bad things were at the time. Too little too late. They were all in denial, or just were too busy fighting amongst them selves to care. Hopefully the last few months have really opened their eyes. Will another one make a difference? It would be nice, but I doubt it, Too much more is needed. They can't keep bailing out, (rewarding big corporations), and expect the economy to get better, when those who are actually paying for these bailout only are getting a couple hundred bucks. That is like putting a band aid on a heart attack, and saying there now, all better.


I agree completely! I am shocked that more is being dumped into A.I.G.


Let's see. All the taxpayers in the US got 78 billion. I few on Wall Street got 700 billion. Talk about something being fair.


not fair at all-let's keep an eye on those christmas bonuses


probably not but bring it on and we will see, does anyone know if we are supposed to get another one? i have heard rumors but nothing really written in stone.


Just because it paid down debts or was saved shouldn't make any difference. If I paid down a credit card, then used the card to buy something else, it would not show up on their records anyway. I used my check to go on vacation so they would have to check with every motel and gas station that I used to see where the money went. If they want me to make a big purchase on one item, then they can send me another one and I will try to comply.


Thanks for your imput

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