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How do you interpret the human's addiction to energy use and effects if has on the environment?

Do you think we need to stop giving everyone so much energy? Should we have an energy limit to areas based on population? I have to admit I am spoiled with my summer air-conditioning, winter heat, Mini-van family vehicle and the continual use of driving it. I think sometimes we are so afraid of changing our daily routine of driving, eating and using so much energy we aren't going to be able to recover. We really have to consider ending our addiction to energy. Is it possible? Do you think if we would reverse some of the energy using trends back to more manual labor with less pollution, we could stimulate the job market and have new industries to tap into to help the economy recover? This would also mean people would have to be more patient and less instant gratification. Could you handle the change?

Dear QBKate,
Just dropping in to say "hello" and hope you are having a good day. I am working part-time and in school the rest. I am limiting myself to a few questions a day. We don't seem to have clicked on the same questions much in the last week. I missed you. I'm watching TV tonight, so I won't be around. It's my favorite night, I'm an ER fan.


i believe that the stronger nations of the world hold the keys to free energy. i think that they do not wish to give it to the world. why? because there is no profit in it for them at the moment. no tax to be gained, no territory disputing, no war to be fought over it. when the world finally comes to its senses, then and only then will you see free energy....until then RIDE A BICYCLE! thx


Energy is being rationed now and apportioned on the basis of ability to buy. The lower the income of individuals or countries the less energy they can buy and gradually the AC, like the gas hogs, is available to fewer people. The answer is not in less use, it is in new sources and better systems of distribution. Long distance transport of energy is very costly and inefficient ,especially with electricity. We know what to do but so far no one has seen a way to make enough money from it to be worth the risk. They will.


Let's bring back horses. NY would be six feet deep in manure! And how much land would it take to produce the food for horses? And land to stable them in humane conditions? And how would the hay enter the city? And where would the manure go?
RIght now, DC is already buried in twenty feet of manure and rapidly adding to the stack.


You can go back that far, but I was thinking more trolleys, bikes and walking. Only big cities seem to have good subway/train systems. Other cut backs could be no central air. It would be interesting to see how controlling the actual energy companies are to everyone. The gas companies found out they couls charge $5 a gallon and people would still pay it.


Big city answers will not work on the vast majority of this VAST country. And gas is going to be double what it was recently. Congress will repeal the drilling rights now the election is over plus they will add various green taxes to pay for any number of new entitlements (entitlements are the drug of choice for those in power). And the green taxes will further cripple the auto industry, allowing for Congress to take over the auto industry (France is a wonderful example of how well this works). EVERYTHING is going to cost much more in a year or two than it does now. And public transportation will cost more too.


That is your interpretation.


Wait and year and ask again. If you can afford the Internet tax on a per-word basis.

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