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Would you vote To provide Congress a second look at wasteful spending by establishing enhance

rescission authority under fast-track procedures? 1/24/07​fm.cfm?congress=110&session=1&vote=00022

Hey DD,
I don't know if I would or not. It's not like they haven't been involved in this mess the whole time and whether or not they're aware of the issues would shed light on the ones that aren't involved enough in the legislation procedures.
I'd love to see a rescission of this bail out bill and then implement a fair tax that would cover the problems but there isn't a 'fair tax' plan currently out there that has all the bugs worked out. The last thing I want is a 'beta' fair tax plan!
It's hard to say whether or not I'd be willing to vote yes or no in this situation... I just don't know that our current congress has the guts to do what's right anymore... even with chances.


While this vote was before the the bail out it would be one of those fast-track procedures they would look into. But obama voted against it. I would like to see this bill go for another vote.

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