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How to limit electronic money

For instance, sometime in the future when even kids in remote town use credit card to buy candy from local store, and all payments are sent from one bank account to another. Physical money is becoming thing of the past.Is there a way to know and limit the nominal of money flowing in our economy ? The banks could loan money out of thin air, and because the network spans across nation, the money stays in the internet.I know for physical money, the government could limit the number of money available by controlling the minting. But for those electronic transactions already existing nowadays, is there any system that control how much money is going around from an institution to another, and keep them from "conjuring money out of nothing" ?

Seika the only thing I can think of that would limit electronic money is the amount available on every credit card.

Literally Speaking ™:

It's already limited as Dick said in the comments by the amount of credit your card allows, and it's also limited by how much cash you have in your bank account when using a debt card.


How about the larger credits. Not only consumption credits, but also business credits (as well as those used for gambling in financial market)

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