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Corey Adcock

What would be the hardest job to have right now and why?

Considering all that is going on in the world would it be harder to be in Barack Obama's position? One of those major car-dealers? Or is it all those unemployed that have it the worse? What other tough jobs are their right now?

Being a tax payer.

Corey Adcock:

Well, then we should all be able to get through this together.




I'll let you pay for my free ride and my free house. Oh and throw in a free car too. But they won't be free. Taxpayers are going to pay through the nose and receive lower quality service across the board.


I believe the unemployed have it the worse! I have been there...When you get your last check and no job in sight, that is the most gut wrenching feeling. You have to feed your family, you must provide housing, medical and you never know when you will submerge again. It is a very scary, dark time!

Corey Adcock:

Thanks for the insight. I have yet to experience the "adult" world.


The President of the United States!!!!

Aquarius the Brett:

Car salesperson! Mission Impossible!


other than, being unemployed, like Lisa said. the hardest thing, would be a minimum wage worker....they are already struggling....and now, its going to be even harder for them. not to mention, they are on their feet and deal with the worst kind of bullcrap, that people with better jobs can give them.

it doesnt matter, how they ended up working fast food or the end...they still deserve respect too....if not for them, and when the teens are in school....alot of places would be closed down....making things, cramped, when open.

Michael K:

Secret Service for Obama


Any kind of home construction job.


A cat herder!

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