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Joe Biden was right?

Was Biden right when he said that Obama would be tested early? The country is broke, no one can get credit, banks are failing, we are at war in two places, we are bleeding jobs. Is this the big challenge?

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OOPs! You're correct! Oddly, I remembered to put that tag on the other question I asked today. Thatnk you for the reminder. I wish they'd make that tag a default, it would be easier.


That's not the crisis. This crisis was made before Obama was President elect. I hope it's nothing major, but one never knows. All we can do is pray nothing horrible happens.


Your welcome TG!


This is all Bush and the Bush security team. He is still the President of these United States of American.....And we have a rule; only one President at a time.......

Smokin' Joe:

No, that's not the test. It will be a new crisis, not an old one, and he will fail it.


What new crisis will it be? How do you know he will fail?

Smokin' Joe:

It will be some sort of international crisis, maybe an invasion of another country by Russia or China, possibly a terrorist attack on one of our allies or our troops in Europe. An attack on Israel, perhaps.

He will fail the test because he doesn't know what he's doing and he is surrounding himself with other people who don't know what they're doing. I've seen it before, it's called the "Carter Presidency".


Joe........Carter surrounded himself with people with no White House experience and did not place the political game well in washington dc. Not true of Obama, as you insinuate. He is placing people experienced in dc politics and have white house experience, so they DO know what they are doing. And to say he will fail the crisis without knowing what it will be is just not intelligent, which surprises me as you always seem to have well thought out posts.

Smokin' Joe:

SM, I don't need to know what the crisis, or test will be to predict that he will fail it because I base my conclusion on his history of poor judgment. You don't necessarily have to have a lot of experience but you DO have to have sound judgment and expert advisors (and you have to be willing to listen to them). Hopefully I'm wrong but I don't have any reason to think otherwise.


The fix is in...he has been set up with the idea to make sure he will fail...I hope he is smart enough to avoid all the traps that are being set for him...


Who is setting traps? Or it it fantasy and false promises simply confronting reality? Eyes wide shut syndrome.


Joe Biden was right, only Joe knows what he was referring to. But I took the statement that it would be something BIG like 911 was. I feel that not-so-friendly countries will try to take advantage of obama's inexperience. The same reason I did not support obama was because he is still just a 'baby' when it comes to the running the greatest nation on earth.


it's a set-up; like Buchannan left Lincoln


What does that have to do with Obama, sounds like a Bush problem to me


Let me make sure I understand your logic. Bidne tells the world if we elect Obama we will be targeted and somehow you have spun that into a Bush problem. Texas Girl, you have my vote as the poster child for liberalism should be outlawed.


Texas girl you are right... this is Bushes watch and under his security team and his administration.....


Sounds like a pretty big challenge for a figure head-
No use in complaining about what he got himself into-
If he whines about the current situation, it sounds a whole lot like a cop-out to me-


Joe Biden who? What happened to him? He vanished!


McCain would have been tested too; every new POTUS is tested to some extent.
Even if nothing international happens, it will be a test of strength, courage, determination and pure grit just to try to rectify the past mistakes and get us back on track.


No, this is not the challenge. It is yet to come. When it does arrive, it will require diplomacy.
(If military action is required it wil probably be the Israelis going up against Iran!)
If any nation with less than up-right intentions is going to make a move, the time is basically now and the window of opportunity stretches well into the foreseeable future.


No this isn't the big challenge. The messiah has far more than that coming, sadly we willb e the ones to pay.


Texas girl was right...Bush is still the President of these United States. and its on his watch!

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