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QB Kate

Have big unions priced themselves out of the market? If U were CEO, where would you go?


With CEO's walking away from a failed company getting millions awarded in a golden parachute, why even involve organized labor. The labor movement began because bosses refused to give the employees a safe work environment with a living wage. The policy in the beginning of the 20th century was to give them no more than what it took to keep them alive and they will keep on working. Most workers today enjoy and expect benefits that were fought for hard and long by Union men and women. Health insurance, vacation pay, 40 hr work week even public education where just of the few things workers and their families enjoy because of Union workers. Union workers are the ones that make the product, not management, CEO's, CFO's, COO's or even the most worthless of these Human Resource Managers (what a waste of humanity those are). All those mentioned are liabilities(plus some I didn't). Why are they liabilities? THEY PRODUCE NOTHING. If I were a CEO where would I go? Why not the government to bail me out of all the stupid mistakes I made so I can have my gold mine, while the working men & women get the shaft.

QB Kate:

Interesting perspective Redneck. Are you my brother Gord? You share the same perspective.


Don't know any Gord. Loyal member Local 182, IUE, AFL-CIO, 25 years. Pro Labor till I die.


I think so. From my experience as a supervisor and working with labor relations, often times there is more time and money spent deciding who is going to do the work, then it would actually have taken to get the work done. The amount of time it took for the employee to file the grievance, talk to the union rep, leave the work room floor, discuss with the supervisor, and then negotiate compensation....the work in question could have been completed ten fold.

QB Kate:

Exactly, unions are a hinderance now. $0 yers ago they were useful. Now they are jst money grubbing parasites.

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