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Why are so many members here so into Nordstrom? Isn't Macy's OK enough? Or JCPenney? Sears? K-Mart?!

Why are so many members here so into Nordstrom? Isn't Macy's OK enough? Or JCPenney? Sears? K-Mart?!Maybe not Wal-Mart in case we might get trampled to death. Although I guess if I were hanging out with a large group of QnAers I'd watch out around Nordstrom! (Just trying to be funny.)

I'm not into Nordstroms. I don't even know if there is one around here. It doesn't matter to me where something is bought. I'm more into quality and value then name of the brand.


We only have Sears and JC penny and they are both too expensive. We shop Wal-Mart up here.


I have never been in Nerdstroms.


I have never been in one. We live in a one horse town and Wal-Mart is THE place! Sad!

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Snob appeal?

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