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How much energy does save?

It's supposed to save tons of energy... how?

It won't save much. On a CRT, the electron gun was turned off to display black. But most computers use LCD displays with a backlight. The backlight is always on no matter what color is being displayed. Since most sites use dark text on a light background, and since re-orienting the liquid crystal pixes takes energy, this web site probably uses more energy than the regular google for most users.


It goes on the theory that a black screen with white letters uses (minutely) less energy than the opposite. SInce Google is the predominant search engine, Blackle is a customized Google search that uses a black background, saving each computer a tiny little bit of energy consumption for each search performed using it instead of the regular Google.

More info -


As Ed points out, the savings are realized on CRT and non-backlit LCD actuality backlit LCD displays consume slightly more energy to display black.

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