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Do you know that many States are close to running out of funds to finance unemployed recipients?

It is a constantly growing dilemma.​lvent-or-nearly-broke

They are not answering the phone in this county-Florida


now that's amazing-but I wouldn't want to be in the phone answering mode there either


The news has been reporting on this the last several days. We are concerned and will be finding out very soon I guess, since my husband is on unemployment and hasnt been able to find a job.


Good Luck on your situation Lovada and thanks for sharing


Not to worry, the obama said he would take car of that, remember. Or could this be another thing he lied about.


stay tuned patpat

Literally Speaking ™:

All the more reason to move to Louisiana with a nation best reserve of 94 months, I think that may have something to do with the fact that if you come to this state and can't find a job, you don't want to work, seems like every other store I pass has a HIRING NOW sign in the window.


There is some very interesting things going on in Louisiana politically-seems to be the place to go if you REALLY want to work


9 states are doing fine. They are mostly in the upper mid west. montana, idaho, north dakota, wyoming, and south dakota You will also note that they are republican controled states.

2 Cents:

Note also that there aren't very many people there, and most of the jobs deal with some aspect of farming or ranching.


thanks for your information OrbdeBlu




Enough said-BUMMER!!


Michigan is close to it. There are hardly any jobs left in Michigan. If the auto buyout does not happen many will lose everything. It will acfect the retires the most.


Sorry I had hit the submit instead of the check spelling.
The reason why the retires will be hit is that most had retire before 401K ever existed. but anyway The workers at the unemployment office are a little short temper. and under staffed.Most of us will or have left the state for work. The joke is the last one to leave turn off the lights.


.It is sad -especially -when you have done NOTHING to cause the problem and probably can't do nothing to resolve same.

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