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The US economy needs a boost what in you opinion would get our economy back on track?

I believe we need a goal and I think a great goal would be to go to the moon not just visit but settle it that would open tremendous avenues for our country.What do you think would work best?

Are you taking a play out of JFK's book BMC ?
The space race is one of the things he used to stimulate the economy when he was in office.
Yes I agree we need a goal, a common goal that the vast majority of the American citizens believe in and are willing to support totally, it doesn't matter too much what it is just a good long term goal will do fine. Look at what happened during WW2 when everything was rationed and the people were collecting Aluminum foil to help the cause and they were glad to do it too.


I think so, but I like the idea of the moon not for JFK's reasons except for the goal part. I have always believed we should have continued with the projects projected for the moon there are many payoffs plus all we wished to accomplish on the (very expensive to maintain) space station which I objected to from it's beginning.
Just think of it even the travel industry would profit and we would be traveling in space to other destinations all because of the excitement created by the adventure.


Now if we could figure out how to softly land the Space Station on the Moon it would give us a place to start from and save a ton of money and put the money we put into it to some good use.


LOL it would collapse.

It would be a no brainer to get started you could use tents, this is what I mean it would be so much fun if I though we were going to do this I would be a part. What a blast. Our economy would blossom. We still need to get rid of congress and make some changes lol


Giving me a few billion to spread around to those in need would do wonders.


I disagree with you pertaining to spreading money does wonders, isn't spreading money spending money? Once it is spent it is gone right?
I am talking getting excited about a project a national project and when we spend money on this project we will see a return not just monetary but socially too.


Unemployment hit a 26 year high last week. We need jobs.


That is exactly what we need, don't you think my answer might help provide them?


Absolutely. You should have seen the number of people employed at Cape Canaveral during the 60's.


Ginger I did and this would really big I am getting excited again just like then.


my economy has been in trouble for years I think the rest of the world is just now catching up to me. I don't understand the problems with the economy where did all that money go that was lost in the stock market.. i mean does oprah have it? or is it floating around somewhere.. where did that money go? I don't even understand where the money was to start with, is it like imaginary money?... how can we fix it if we can't find it?


The stock market is like a casino the money you spend there is only a bet, some bets you win and some you loose. If you win and leave that money you won at the casino (in the form of stock) and they lose money so do you but if they win so do you it is another bet. You can cash in your stock if it has value and demand (you need a buyer too) All money comes from your pocket stems from your hard work.


Yes, this could work. a short and well thought out article for your viewing pleasure.


Thank you and I think fixing the tax code would help. I have argued for a use tax totally get rid of our present tax code.
But we need jobs and an exciting goal that is why I think going settling the moon would be the big savior.


If we supported the family farms more and stopped globalizing so much, we'd have a better chance.

How about legalizing Pot for tourism money? It would give the farms a big boost!
Then, make every farmer that received a subsidy to NOT grow now has to BY LAW produce pot to offset the free ride they got for all those years.
Train prisoners to be more productive members of society (like farming) instead of just putting them on hamster wheels for thirty years... lifting weights.... fighting..... lifting weights ....fighting .....lifting weights...... fighting....
How is that 'rehabilitation' for a productive member of society?

Instead of just saying "We need to CUT SPENDING!" we cut our expenses.
Close ALL 750+ bases we have in foreign countries, and bring those soldiers back here to guard our borders.
I know.... "BUT we need to be there, so we don't get attacked" but the 700+ bases we had on 9-11 didn't stop any attacks from happening.

We (as a country) spend cash on BS and expect it to smell like gumdrops..... I don't know why- Like we think because God is looking at us from heaven, it's OK to torture children with pliers-
We're screwed because of things like that!


There is nothing wrong with family and farms, I find that quit attractive myself but the populous will not find so attractive they for the most part have become lazy and would starve to death waiting the government to save them lol.
Drugs are in my opinion no help they contribute to our problems.
I think we as a country need a goal and why not make it space travel, I say lets settle the moon and then go further how great that would be.


I think you are confusing 'drugs' with Pot.

There are no fatal doses of pot, and there is no 'rehabilitation' required for coming off the stuff.

Linking the word 'drugs' with something almost gives it the strength to unglue society.... even though we don't equate the stinging bite of the depravity associated with legal, but really harmful prescription drugs.... like that Oxycotin-

Kids are dying because of it, and stealing to get it
.... you couldn't EVER say that about pot. Being on it takes away the desire to be violent, and coming off it takes away the desire to be conscious. Not exactly the scourge of society 'Reefer Madness' would like it to be.

What would be the value of a colony on the moon? Tourism? (what would be the draw?)

What are the environmental drawbacks of shooting rockets into the sky more frequently?
How would that generate money?


Less fear.


That is a GREAT point. Very true.

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