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Gray wolf

Who's plan for the economy is better? Bush's TARP or Obama" Recovery and Reinvestment plan?

Summery of President Obama's plan:​ry_spending.pdfPresident Obama's entire plan:
Cutey with a booty:

Bush's plan is better if I am a bank executive.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

That depends on if you want small businesses to be successful. 12% of the Obama plan goes into stimulus, the rest is pork-barrel. I would Rush's plan because I believe in individualism and the opportunity ti excel. Many businesses have left California because of the expense of doing business here, including the auto industry.


Neither of them are good for the economy. There is too much governmental control in both of them.


I prefer Obama's but neither are what I personally would do... of coarse though the end results of what I would do would turn this country around for the better, the people who are resistant to change *points finger at auto industry among many others* would have my throat...
But hey thats because I'm a "Young idealist, with the sparkle of making changes and improving everything I touch" of coarse some places I've worked are running more costeffectivily and productivily then ever, others I wound up leaving frustrated at having every attempt to improve things fuaght against tooth and claw because it was not the way they had done things for the last (insert plural number here) decades.
Long story short businesses want to survive have to adapt and recreate themselves with changes in the world around them, politcally, technologically, and economically. If not they flop over and die. (like the Auto industry is slowly doing hemoraging tax payer dollars the entire way down)

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