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Man killed 5 kids and his wife after both parents lost their jobs. Thoughts?

that's just sad. It seems a little extreme to take the others with him.


I am just so saddened by it, I had not heard. What a beautiful family. I hope they find peace and love in Heaven together.
Then beyond the story I feel that this is just the beginning of hard times for many. I wonder how many more have done this and did not leave the reason why behind.

(I was told by my administrator ... that 'You should not even have bothered to come to work today. You should have blown your brains out.'")
This should be looked into and maybe the administrator fired. People should know not to speak such mud.


So violent, sad and unnecessary. Too much hurt happens in a family. At least give the children a chance in life. Very cruel and sick thing to do.


I think that man was very sick and probably needed help, his kids will never have a chance at life and its just a horrible sick thing. I just don't know what it would take for someone to be in that state of mind.


Misplaced anger.


and unnecessary violence, he didn't solve any problems.


The best way to remain stable in difficult times is to trust in God--and nothing else. The bible provides what we need. It provides the only real answers for mental health issues.

More information is available at this website for those interested:



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