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Do you remember events such as "Band Aid" or "Farm Aid" when musicians got together to raise

the profile of major world issues and funds to help address those? WIll Bob Geldorf or Bono now jump on the global recession 'band' wagon?

Remember 'Hands Across America' and 'Comic Relief'?


Exactly! Same thing. What role if any do you think the entertainment industry could play in regenerating to positive momentum to economies right now? Particularly given it is a highly over-paid profession to begin with in my view.
Leonardo di Caprio took an initiative to get a range of celebs to create a TV ad to get people voting for the last election. Brad Pitt donated money and did fund raising to help re-build homes in New Orleans. Any brilliant ideas on this one CA?


It's already been done...


CA do you spend all day looking for these great clips?
They are great,,
my elderly neighbors have been saying this since the day the guy threw his hat into the ring..
Thanks CA!


Nope...not enough. Just cute kids singing. We need more!!!!! Where's Bruce when ya need him??!!!


Yes I remember farm aid and Band Aid.. and that christmas song where the all funds went to feed the starving in Africa??? (IDK the name of that song) but does any proceeds made today form that song still help??
If I am not mistaken the funds form the concert for Princess Diana went to her charities.
I doubt any big names will do anything to help..
but John Rich just wrote a song about us the little guys,
matter of fact I think most country artist do sing about us little guys..


Do you remember this one??

I had totally forgotten about this one..


Absolutely!!!! That was actually part of the whole Band Aid event!

Now it sounds to me like something Bruce Springsteen would be good to lead at least for the US market and maybe some others elsewhere in the world might join in. Mind you...I have no idea what they can do!


I do remember hands across america and comic relief too, not sure about the others, I am only 20 lol :)


ROFL....awwww...nik.....are you rubbing in my seniority versus you? ANd I thought we were mash potato friends!!!! :-( But it's okay...I remember hands across america and comic relief too. The challenges of getting old... <sigh> :-)


Yep and now they will have to do America's Aid For Illegal Immigrants.

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