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Aquarius the Brett

Is ecoenvirenewabilism inviting an elephant to garden because of the huge dung output?

Despite the huge elephant maintenance problem? I just noticed an ecolodge on a remote mountain and wondered how much effort it takes to feed that location and all these other hyped environmental cause effects.
Aquarius the Brett:

Garden being Earth! (Lol I made myself laugh!)


You are correct, to an extent. Take the example of Al Gore travelling, via private plane and limousine entourage, to an environmentally themed speaking engagement. It is obviously a huge waste of resources and funds to travel this way, and seems antithetical to his purported cause. However, and most of the proprietors of remote eco-lodges would probably agree, that the benefit gained by having Al Gore speak far outweighs the environmental impact of his trip. The theory being that if people are influenced to conserve and protect their environment, by hearing Gore speak or by visiting an eco-lodge, then the travel impact of Gore and the supply impact of the eco-lodge is more than offset.
They are probably also partially correct. If the elephant invited to garden goes back to the wild and tells all of his elephant buddies that they should stop destroying gardens and takes action to make that a reality, then it can be argued that the maintenance costs were worth it.
Mind you, i am not making a value judgment either way here. I firmly believe that, often, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I am merely offering the argument for these eco causes as i imagine those involved would.

Aquarius the Brett:

I was trying to make a case for those lacking significant involvement either way and I'm sure eventually people choosing huge input action will be recognized as no longer part of the proper action.

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