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If we spend ourselves to death trying to ensure our healthcare, will we have any left for education?

The President's proposals for nationalized healthcare, is figured to cost from 20% to 30% of our Gross National Product (GNP).Medicare and Social Security already account for 40% of our federal budget, ..these new expenses will push further up medical expenditures to keep us alive, ..up to more than half, ..maybe to two-thirds of our Federal Budget to keep ourselves alive, and still walking around.But for what? ..We won't be able to afford housing, or college, or one of those new government autos.We are going to spend all our money, just to keep a "breathing body" alive.Who knows if that "breathing body" will be able to find a job, ..or food, ..or a house,..We DO know that ACORN can corral all "breathing bodies" together, to vote for whomever the Democrats ask them to vote for.I guess that's enough progress for one nation's history, eh??---UURRRGGHHHH, .."Nurse!, ..Nurse!, ..Where's my glass of water???"

The solution is simple for many.
We will tax the big, evil co operations and the greedy wealthy even more, without any thought of what happens when they are either taxed out of existence or driven to more tax friendly countries.
Oh well, we can worry about that tomorrow.
Or just let our children, grand children, and their children worry about it.
No problem.


I wonder what those great grandchildren of ours will call the new nation they raise up from our ashes?

Gray wolf:

Health care spending may reach 40% of GNP, analysts say - gross national product - Issues and Trends
Business & Health , March, 1992

significant spending reforms are not implemented soon, health care spending could account for 40% of the nation's gross national product by the year 2030, according to a group of Health Care Financing Administration analysts writing in the latest issue of Health Affairs, the quarterly journal published by Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere), based in Chevy Chase, Md.

Old information


Hello, gray wolf,

With the news that "QnA will be boarded up" (..Long before Guantanamo ever gets closed!!) this may be one of our last "walks in the park", eh?

How sweet of you to offer that journal from "Project Hope"

..Believe, ..Believe, ..Believe,
..Change, ..Change, ..Change,
..Chains, ..Chains, ..Chains.

"Chevy Chase", ..a fine comedian.
40% of a $12 Trillion dollar GNP (..well, last year anyway) is about $5 Trillion dollars; and that is, in fact, much more than 100% of any national budget ever.

This is a huge expansion of government authority, and government spending.
As we set the terrorists free, ..and then withdraw from defense spending in spite of the current death squads now rampantly killing people overseas, long will we find ourselves lucky enough to enjoy this little patch of earth where so many "huddled masses" have found refuge and sustenance?

"Hope, hope, ..believe, believe, ..change, change, ..chains, chains."


I don't like the idea of being forced into buying a service. It is my body, should it not be my choice? Regulate the industry under "fair trade" if you must but that is the extent of power the government has.


That is an important issue, Penny.

The government actually is NOT supposed to be this nation's "power".
That power is to be kept in "the consent of the governed". (July 4, 1776)

Did we really vote to spend more than 50% of our national budget on trying to prolong each our individual lives for a few more months longer, ..while at the same time not having any manufacturing industry to provide jobs and products, ..and while cutting the budget for the defense of our nation against this world's many foaming-at-the-mouth attackers who may soon be wielding nuclear weapons?

Did we vote on that?
Is this being done with "the consent of the governed"?


"It is my body, should it not be my choice?"

Are you also for prostitution and abortion?


Ah! ..Michael "Thought Police" KKK, ..

You have such a great Democrat-like talent for dissembling discussion points and grinding them under your boot, the hope that issues will be lost to die.

You fit well within this "new era", ..where no one is supposed to think or care for them self.


Whatever you do, avoid answering this simple question.


The question is at the top of the page Mikey, asks whether our president should be entering us into contracts which will place trillions of dollars upon our national debt load, at a time when there are too few productive jobs, and our schools have a long-term dismal quality score.

Penny above answered that she did not approve of the currently proposed health plan, as it forces everyone to buy a plan whether they want one or not.

You've refused your own opportunity to answer the question, choosing instead to announce that you want to change the subject being discussed into an argument about prostitution and abortion.

Why don't you just go post such an argument on the main board?

You seem to prefer ramming those words down that prior speaker's throat.
Do you know what that makes you?
Are you proud of that?

Grow up!
Think up your own issue of concern and interest for the general public, develop an answer which you think is appropriate and beneficial, ..and post it!


It's not that I'm for it Michael, It's that I don't oppose it. Prostitution is not a thing for me and my family so why should I care? I govern me and my own but do not feel that I have the right to govern you and yours and you don't want my opinion of you and yours if it is that you actually feel a threat from prostitutes and girls who choose abortion. Why in the world should I care who hires a women for a $20 romp or BJ so long as it is my husband isn't the one doing the hiring and if he was that would still be my problem and not yours. Guess you never met one and actually talked to them. I thank God my Daddy insured that I could go to college and I thank my husband so that I can do other things such as certified welding and heavy equipment operator so I have the health and well being of my children well covered and will never have to spread my legs to do it. Unfortunately, I was raised and live in a very unique world that grants me such opportunities.


Give a man a fish they can eat for a day, teach a man to fish he can feed himself. Tell me again that girls who did not get pregnant on their own don't get thrown out of their houses and can't continues schools and go ahead an preach your anti-abortion rights. If you don't shelter them, sit down. We already pay for their health care if hey want it but you don't get to tell me when and how I HAVE to pay for mine. If you want to lower the cost try this to start with and end frivolous lawsuits! Maybe then more people could actually afford to buy their own. Explain to me the difference between government health care and government legislation saying you can only eat organically certified veggies and oh by the way, red meat is bad so you can are now a vegan.


And we think we have bad unemployment now-just look at the countries with socialized medicine (like Ireland and England). I heard that unemployment in Ireland is over 12 % now and expected to get worse. Companies do not want to locate themselves where they will be taxed out of existence.


Agreed, just can't spend the limited money twice!

You can't go so far in supporting our biologic status quo as mediocre physical specimens, ..and at the same time support economic progress!

We can shut down all the midwest farms and industry in order to put out collection tubs for the gathering of of "rainwater fresh" water for new hair shampoos, ..or we can knock off all this "I have another new idea, and I want to try it out" type of "Give it to me, baby" America!

Sometimes purchase choices need to be made, and accepted.


They won't run out of money, they'll just borrow or print more either way it's inflation waiting to happen (just don't expect the "experts" to catch on very fast), most of the stimulus was spent on roads and schools, I'm more concerned with who's going to pay to maintain those schools and roads when the stimulus money's gone, with no real economy stimulation going on.


No new roads where I live, ..and no new schools either.

But the newspaper did report that our Governor Schwarzenegger was going to be sued by President Obama unless Arnold borrows some more money from somewhere and gives it to a California Home HealthCare Workers' Union.

I may not have a road, a school, or a job out here, ..but I will get a massage!


Cal, I have no ideas for California, I lived there, had my business there before retiring, the bad roads there are due to a Dem Governor named Jerry Brown, his father had built a vast majority of them and was a great governor.. I retired due to the lax of law enforcement on illegal immigrants, they put me out of business, I was so disgusted I sold four businesses I owned and my home and moved out of State.. You defiantly have it a lot worse there than I have here now. Best of luck to you Cal


That's weird in Alaska all they want to build is roads and village schools that will serve a dozen kids or so.

The rest of the money is in "clean water" which as it turns out is a lot of money spent filing paperwork to fine people, and nothing to do with building anything, "clean water" is all lawyer's fees....that's it.


Howdy? ..Hope you are doing okay where you are now,
I'm doing okay as a carpenter, ..lots of houses need fixin.

I did a job for a fruit farmer in midstate (almonds, cherries, pomegranates) who had a heck of a time trying to get honest contracts from the fruit pickers when it was harvest week. They wouldn't book ahead of time, ..and then charged 5-times the prior advertised fees on the week of the harvest.

The rain, water, and sun are acting strange this year, ..and he fears a weak crop. So it might not be worth all the hassle with the picking teams, and he might just decide to let it all rot on the trees this season.

What a waste!
But that's our economy!!


gbob, ..Alaska is a pretty smart state, ..I'm glad to hear about your good roads and schools!

But why the expenses for "clean water" in a state of very thin population density, and 30 feet of snowpack every winter? ..Don't you get LOTS of clean water??

We might build roads, schools, and more efficient energy plants in California too, ..but half of our state budget now goes to education, and I think free healthcare gets the majority of the rest.

btw: ..Of all that money going to "schools" only 20% ever gets to the kids classroom, ..80% of that money is used on the salaries of the teachers and administrators.

If you want to BUILD a new school, you have to vote for more taxes (..a bond measure) to build it. So the total education money draw is actually much more than 50% of our state budget.

But in homebuilding, it used to be said that only 10% of the money went to the labor cost.

Why the "labor cost" inflation for school teachers and administrators?

It's only money??


Yes, we have clean water, that's why people from out of state want to protect it so much, they don't want to stifle production in their own states by passing these laws there.

I think the majority of the expenses are administrators, I spent some time up at the Fairbanks Correctional Center once, they have bunks made from apparent scrap metal thats been poorly arc welded and painted blue, and it costs them $750,000 to install 20 of them in to an existing gym to convert it to a dorm...unions at work!


I'm sure you would agree that anytime there is a transfer of $37,500 dollars each, for the installation of bunk frames, there is something besides just "administrative costs" being satisfied.

In fact, when something like that happens, I'd say that such an obvious theft of money was proof-positive that there was absolutely NO administration at all being applied to that project.

No management, managers, ..just a bunch of people who saw an opportunity to grab handfuls of unsupervised money, and took advantage of it,

...for themselves.

How does it make the convict feel? know that somebody else got paid $37,500 for putting his bed there?? ..and then got to walk away scot free???

Hey, ..nobody said life was easy, eh? (..or fair.)


The only thing that will save us is voting out the dems this coming election.. It will make a government like Jimmy Carter had, but it will be a lot better than being represented by non representatives like we have now


I like your part about "..being represented by non representatives.."

I suggest a great many of our politicians do not see themselves as being "representatives of the people", ..but more as "shepherds of the people".

..and I suppose that's our own darn fault.


Don't suppose, it is our own darn fault! Voters responsibility doesnt' end on election day, we are fully empowered to attempt to make an impact upon our government which is allegedly for us. Technically only the Congress is for the people so if they aren't there is only one person to blame and that's the people.


Thank you Penny, are absolutely right on all of that: We are the government!

They can only do what we let them.

They may think we are too busy to watch them, notice their behaviors..

But we have QnA to report and discuss their progress!!!


Oh, ..wait a minute, ..that's right, ..QnA is being shut down!

Oh well, ..government will now be 'by and for' .. somebody else, ..I guess.

"Whose idea was it to bust up this discussion room?????"

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