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Has your eating and your grocery shopping changed since the economic downturn?

And if so, how? Eating at home as opposed to eating out? Using the coffee pot instead of Starbucks? Making extra of something and freezing it?Thanks everyone!

More grilling food, less eating out and more enjoying the garden on a nice evening.

Aquarius the Brett:

I'm skipping about 90% of the possible outings that usually involve a cafe splurge!


It sure has. I've noticed that I am starting to stress over what or what not to buy, the cost of food has increased rapidly here in Hawaii. I'll be making many changes to my purchasing and cooking habits.


It's only going to go up when "green" taxes are added to fuel costs. Hawai'i will get hit very hard as they are totally dependent on shipping, via ships or cargo planes for many of their products.


Yes. Actually its gotten better. We quit eating out and eat in much more often. Come to find out, I kind of prefer it.

When you eat out on a daily basis, it loses its attraction. Sure I hate having dishes to do almost every day, but other than that, even when the economy improves, I think I'll stay eating in.


Hi Michael, I love your avatar. What mountain is that if I may ask?
Also appreciate your answer. I am glad it is working out well for you, and I feel the same way. Eating in is more economically friendly, but you really have that quality time when you are eating at home together.


Mr. Ranier, in WA.


I still allow the same budget I have always allowed for food
eating out goes into my "extra money" fund. I do not count it as food money.
although if I know I'll be eating out quite a bit in a week I'll buy less food.


yes because i don't go out to eat really and i do a lot less shopping for name brands.

Bill M:

not too much. I'm always thrifty.

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