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Why do they put a suggested retail price on a sticker and then put on a higher price?

ever notice the suggested retail price neve is the price>

Anyone in business wants to make a profit. If not they would be closed. The suggested retail price as already mentioned is what the manufacture recommends. This price is based on the vehicles options when they leave the manufacture.

There are several reasons why the price is higher 1.) the dealer added additional options, 2.) supply and demand - you pay high for a Toyota.

Tax, Title and license are costs the dealer is required to collect for selling the car. - no profit to the dealer.

The important thing to know when shopping for a car is to do your research to determine what the dealer paid for the car. This will help you negotiate a better price. You still need to have good credit to get the best financing (actually get pre-approve from a bank for a maximum amount and rate so the dealer can get you a better deal).


I usally get the model # and run up a check if it's a used car then I run a blue book and then I really take my time it may take 2- 4 weeeks or longer to buy a used car but during that time the price does drop thousands of dollars especially if the sales person is hungry for a sale.
new cars are a little different because for some reason many people want wahts on the lot.

Himalayan style:

Profits $$$$$$


lol of course


So they can put it on sale later and still make their money :-)

Seriously its the "suggested price" by the manufacturer but the dealer can charge what they want, to include stuff like taxes etc.


It's a front?




I hate it when that happens......FALSE ADVERTISING!
Bait and switch!

God's Best! xo


LOL nope it's legal to put a suggested retail price it's only suggested.

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