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Please define what the term "Model Employee". How close are you to being a Model Employee?

Do you think the definition of " I am doing a good job." is an ambiguous term and the definition is an individual opinion based on their level of excellence? ( In basic terms the definition of good for a "D" student would be different than for a "A" student.)

To me a model employee is one who is there when they're supposed to be there, do a good job, stay over to get the job done when necessary, but some people would also call that person a butt-kisser!! I'm on the job every day "mostly", I take an occasional half day for other things like last month my sister and I, who works with me, took off at lunch and ate out and went shopping. Hey, life is short.


An employee who best does the job, in a safe, and sustainable manner.
I often am promoted, then have to learn all the new ropes again. I just look like one!

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