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does anyone else thing that the new dollar coin is a waste of time and money?

(is my question a pun?)i hate change and usually shove it in a jar. I try to use my cards when ever possible just so I don't have to deal with change. now there's a new dollar coin, i thought we were trying to phase out coins.

I think it would save the government a lot of money if they stop printing the one dollar bill and left only the coin. A bill last about ten weeks and coin about thirty years. Also the penny has to go. There is now a nickel worth of metal in it.


well, the dollar coin has always been around... this is just a new minting of it. it's not really gold but bronze/brass plated which looks like gold. they come in handy in subways, buses, and casinos where they have machines that accept coins rather than paper bills which if they are crooked or even too wrinkled, wont be read and will be rejected from the machine. if they used dollar bills in such instances, there'd be alot of impatient people getting mad at machines not accepting their money. coins are easy to determine if they are fake or not and the machines accept them. personally i find them very useful at my college campus as well... alot easier to pay for take-out


origanaly money meant "naturally occuring or rare substances"such as diamond, gold,silver seems we are moving farther away from "money"at least a coin has some metal in it:)

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