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What's wrong with the rich getting richer, especially if they work hard for it?


History has shown that as the rich get richer the middle class disappears until all the is left is few rich and many poor. Eventually the poor will no longer be able to stand the conditions they are living under and will follow the first revolutionary leader who comes along promising relieve from the poverty. The ensuring war will destroy the assets of the wealthy and the poor much less the necessary infrastructures needed to support the society in first place. So it is better to balance all of this is by allowing the rich to get richer but not at such rate that jeopardized the common good of all.


We may rail at Marx and Hegel, but unfortunaely as Harry Truman once said, "The one thing we learn from history, is that we don't learn from history". Sorry that you hit the nail on the head. Oh well, maybe one day.....


Nothing, but its not liek hard work is the only determing factor in wealth.

I'm all for a (mostly) free market, but all too often the rich take action in the name of the free market, when they are in fact restricting the market in their favor.

Likewise, the rich depend on cops, teachers, fire fighters, garbage men, soldiers, sailors, spies, bureaucrats, farmers, and a whole host of other people working equally hard if not much harder with significantly lower chances of getting rich.

Many people have achieved great things from humble backgrounds, and nearly all rich people (like all people generally) are basically good. But the playing field is often tilted in favor of the rich to begin with. With great power and wealth comes great responsibility.

But the rich also have access to, and in some cases, control over tax codes and the other "rules" which govern the economy, and all too often manipulate those rules not to support a free market, but to favor themselves.


If you work hard and smart, shouldn't you be able to keep what you earn? It's the poor and ignorant that have learned to steal from you via politicians. And they get away with it.


Very well said. You have my vote.


Behind all great fortunes is a great crime.


Get it right Shawn, behind all great crimes is a career politician.

Thanks for playing. ;-)


There is nothing wrong with the rich getting richer, as long as they are running ethical businesses and paying their employees a competive wage with competive benefits.
The problems arise when it is discovered they engage in things like sweat shops, underpaid illegal alien labor, outsourcing at the expense of the people within their community and utilizing insider information for stock profits - all of which they would fire their employees for doing.
And a free turkey at Thanksgiving wouldn't hurt anything either, since most bonuses are a thing of the past, unless you are one of the "Elite" few.


There is nothing wrong with the first part of your question. Unfortunately, getting richer at the expense of others is the rub of the matter.
The rich, especially in America, do not share in the spoils with those involved in the process.
The CEO's continue to get their exorbitant salaries, while at the same time, their employees are getting shortchanged in wages and benefits.

The last part of your question may also be true; but it also holds true for the employees. That is where greed enters into the equation. Greed is an excessive desire by those at the top to keep as much of the spoils through exclusivity(wealthy board members) vote each other their salaries with no voice from those at the bottom responsible for the wealth in the first place.

Himalayan style:

What worng with the fat ones getting fatter if they eat a lot?

What wrong with drug addicts getting chronic if they work hard for the next hit?

All in excess is unhealthy.
Money is the root of all evil!!!!


Wrong. The love of money is the root of all evil. Check your bible before opening mouth.


Money is not the root of all evil.. It's the love of money that is the root of all evil.


Bible is capitalized.


There's nothing wrong with it. More power to `em.

Of course, that doesn't mean I have to like them. If they call power paper with ink on it.. well.. whatever...

(it isn't even money, just a promise of money.. we abandoned actual money long ago..)


You'd be amazed at how few people actually realize the difference between a "certificate" and a "note"!


Not a thing.

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