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Which foreign countries have you lived in?Was your exp.good or bad? Are you afraid to live there now


depends on what you consider foreign. your country is foreign to every other country in the world.
i have lived in 5 countries: USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Romania.
Each one was different and I lived in them at different stages of my life, so each experience was different. The only one I would not want to live in at this time is Venezuela: too much crime and a wacko president.


iraq, if there wasn't a war I'd go back, it was bad then.


I lived in SE Asia once under rather undesireable conditions. My former employer maintained facilities in the U.K., Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and South America. In all cases I learned that no one expected me to assimulate myself into the population only demonstrate a desire to learn, understand, and work with the local culture. Not ever place your local host takes you for dinner will featue hamburger, fries and a Bud. Act gracious, smile, and learn to say please and thank you in the local language.

For personal reasons I have no desire to visit French Indo-China and I have always received courteous treatment when travelling with the exception of thr TSA staff in the Atlanta International terminal.


That's very good advice that people visiting OUR country could do very well to learn.

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