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How do movies get funded?

Where do producers usually go first for funding for their movies?What are the usual steps to securing funding for a movie?(Do the companies like AMC get involved before production begins or only once the movie is actually finished?)

Every lender has a primary market in which it operates. In Pittsburg, for example, lenders are experts in manufacturing companies, steel industry, and related businesses. The learn how they operate. What are positive indicators, what are not. They are specialized!!

Lenders in the entertainment industry are experts in the same way. The know how businesses operate. The know what are positive or negative indicators within that niche' They are

They are just specialized in a different market. I truly is not that difficult. Those atuned to the good signs early in the game will make a killing. My own philosophy, in certain markets, is early in, early out. My training (P.hD.) prepared me for that. In another market, my philosophy may change dramatically. It's entertaining & fun as long as you stay ahead, and there all kinds of lil games your can play to maximize you position, but I wouldn't advise it for "mom & pop"
investors. It's like gambling, for me I never venture what I am not prepared to lose. I don't involve the grocery money, for example"


You failed to even read the question didn't you?

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