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What natural disaster are you most worried about occuring where you llive?

Or do you have potential manmade one to worry about?

I'm pretty lucky as i am in australia and theres not much risk with hurricanes and i don't live near the hill where there's bush fires in the sweltering summer heat. The PM is talking of building nuclear plants in the future as a source of energy, but the risk of radioactive leakage would be quite an issue if that idea is to proceed.


What about roaving gangs of kangaroos? ;-)


I live in Florida. I worry about Hurricanes, often during the seasons, but those I have more warning and can prepare for. It's the tornados that I feel less control over; they are less predictable.


In Delaware, the closest we come to a natural disaster is beach season.


Living in London means there are no natural disasters that i could think of that would worry me. The only thing to worry about in London are Londoners themselves.


lol are they really that bad??

Kid Dynamite:

Londoners! Second worse to those crazy northerners in england...especially those incoherent people from Liverpool!


None if i spent my time worring about that I would live in fear all the time


tornados are what i worry about most. in ohio

Nikki's comment account:

tornados, we get them all the time, we even have sirens.


Not any that are likely.

I suppose a cometary mass extinction event might rank releatively high on everyone's angst-meter, but I'm not worried about one happening for many thousands of years.

I live in any area known as "tornado alley". In the 15 years that I have lived there, the closest one has ever come to my home is perhaps 5 miles away.

Am I parnoid? Nope. I'm covered -- I even have earthquke insurance.

One month after I purchased the policy there was a small 'quake in western Minnesota. All of the people who had been laughing soon stopped.

Prepare yourself for "unnatural disasters" such as home invasions, random acts of violences, identity theft, fraud, etc. -- those can and do happen with far greater frequency.

Global Warming? There is absolutely nothing to fear after you strip bare the hustlers promoting all of the hysteria. Now, if you are a meteorologist or climatologist that expresses the least bit of skepticsm, you will have to fear losing your job. The Global Warming movement has no use for your kind -- "Dr." Gore has spoken. ;-)


The most direct, immediate impact natural disaster that we in this area are most aware of: earthquakes

Long term impact: Global Warming, or an alternate phrase would be "climate change" since people tend to take the "warming part" literally - re: it's freezing where I live so there's no such thing as global warming...unfortunately, the term global often escapes comprehension.

There's not much we can do about an earthquake, if it happens, it happens. Climate change however, seems to be something that humans can influence since humans partially contribute to it - which is at the center of the Global Warming issue.

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